[AUDIO] JUNIEL @ Boom’s Youngstreet Radio (2012. 06.17)

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Not the trans, just the main topic:

1. Talking about Pabo and also FNC sunbaes (FT Island)

2. She explains what ‘illa illa’ means/about and briefly talk about her Japan activity/debut

  • Based on previous interview. Juniel said if  “illa illa” isn’t from any languages, it just a fiction name of a wild flower which record the memory of first love.

3. Talking about her family (her father and mother inspired juniel to do music)

4. She’s talking about CNBLUE & FTISLAND

5. She said she want people to know her as Juniel. Not the “2nd IU”

6. Juniel sings I Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones. Listen? Click!

7. Juniel said singing without guitar makes her feel awkward bcs she doesn’t know what to do with her hands (usually she puts her hands on tummy awkwardly)

Via: junielsg + MYjuniel + byul3


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