[VID | TORRENT] JUNIEL at SBS Power FM Choi Hwajung

Torrent Link : magnet:?xt=urn:btih:KP3UKXBJ2WPRJXEC6ZPN55HWOBQ66QJO

Youtube Link: 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005


Thank you for @_Yeogong who always upload and sharing

*this is not full trans, just some info/juniel’s answer from this radio show shared by @byul3

 1. Choi Hwa Jung called Juniel as baby because she looks like a doll

2. They made a competition just for fun. Everyone will sing live and whoever gets highest score will sing another song. Juniel won

3. Choi Hwa Jung said that guys will melt over Juniel’s cuteness and two guys in the booth (Kim Jisso and someone from “My Afternoon”) said they were already melting

4. Juniel said that she doesn’t have special talent and the girl from My Afternoon said her smile is her special talent.

Korea-English trans by @byul3
Via junielindo


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