“Depending on the song’s feels and emotions,my voice change
So I can express the song’s sensibility in various ways and in every song they said that it seems like they were sang by different people. Also writing and composing songs myself.”

Juniel comes up with a theme through looking at scenery and through watching movies but there are a lot of times when she suddenly comes up with melody, she will then work on it immediately with lyrics. Like this, she already composed around 20 songs now, since middle school. The genre of Juniel’s first album is modern pop but she also enjoys listening to intense music like japanese rock band,” Tokyo Jihen”, and american punk band “Panic! At The Disco”. She also likes the unique music style of lily allen and Polish jazz singer Anna Maria. Thta’s how wide Juniel’s musical spectrum is.
Juniel grew up listening to his father who also dreamed of becoming a singer, when he was younger, he was singing to Eric Clapton, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. When she was in grade school, she sawa video of Boa’s concert and said “It;s nice to see myself working hard  on what i do” and then decided to be a singer. She applied for auditions at SM-Ent and JYP-Ent but didnt get chosen. “I wasn’t fit for SM and JYP (musically). I din’t get frustrated. I just believed that I will get there someday.”


“I haven’t think of that. Music is my life. To me, Music is just me. If music disappear right at this moment, I think i’ll also be gone.”

After getting chosen to be in FNC Music, she went to Japan in 2010 to study music. That time, she won at audition program Niji Iro Supernova, that was held by a magazine. She became familiar with doing live at streets and clubs. In April 7, 2011, She released an indie album and got a love call from warnermuscijapan. The same year she released her first single forever and this year, Sakura, which were sold in music stores in Japan.

“When I was singing live in Japan, I learned how to communicate with audiences. No just singing alone, but talking with audience and sharing feelings are a complete way to communicate.”

Juniel describes herself as “A Drawing Paper to be Shown”, and “I can show different kinds of colors one by one” Showing her determination.

“In this album, I first wanted to leave an impression, my goal for my next album is to it to be worth listening to and to give confidence. I want to be a singer who has her own style and be korea’s nest singer-songwriter.”

Also if she’s financially stable, she wants to buy a  building ervealing her strong ambitions.

“I want to make m own recording studio and do my kind of music with pleasure.”


via MYjuniel + junielindo

SOURCE: HTTP://SPORTS.DONGA.COM/3/ALL/20120626/47313000/3


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