[VIDEO] [TRANS] FNC Family Winning Speech at GDA


JUNIEL – New Rising Star Award in Disk Album
“Oh.. Thanks everyone. Firstly, I’m grateful to God. I’m grateful to our Deputy, President, Director and grateful to all. I would like to say thank you to our FNC Family. I debut as a rookie and received New Rising Star Award. I’m very thankful to those who give me support since debut. And thanks to my mum, my dad, my brother Sunho, my dog and all. Oh and also our Lee Seungkyu manager, very very thank you. Let’s continue to work hard in the future. Our fans Banila, very very thank you. I will become a more hardworking Juniel in the future. Thank you everyone.”

FT Island – Golden Disk Award Album Division
“Hongki: Very thankful to Golden Disk Award for giving us such a big award. For this, we will also work harder. Firstly, we are thankful to Deputy Han…

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