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Special | With Her New Look, JUNIEL Invites All Of You to Her Party

Last year, through ‘illa illa’ and ‘Bad Person’, Juniel, the first love icon, successfully achieved various rookie artist award. On April 25, Juniel will hold ‘Pretty Boy Party’ to celebrate the release of her third mini album [Fall in L]. The dress code for ‘Pretty Boy Party’ is: boys wear full-rimmed glasses, while girls wear boys’ outfit and also full-rimmed glasses. The party is inline with her transformation in the new album.

Source : CJ E&M | Editor : Naver Music

Coming Soon|  2013.04.25


Juniel 3rd Mini Album [Fall in L]
Juniel’s 3rd mini album [Fall in L] is about to release. The album is named [Fall in L], L is the symbol for Love, ‘fall in Juniel’s charm’, or ‘fall in love’. It is filled with sweet and lovely songs. Juniel looks fresh and youthful by showcasing an 180o different look. The album consists of 4 songs with title song ‘Pretty Boy’, and other songs namely ‘DATE’, ‘ Sleeptalking’, and ‘My Lips’. Juniel’s compositions, ‘DATE’ and ‘Sleeptalking’, are lovely songs showing her musical sensibility.

Track Review | Mini Album Songs Introduction

1. Pretty Boy

‘illa illa’ and ‘Bad Person’ are sad ballad songs. Juniel, who have received lots of love, tries to transform into a totally different color, through an up-tempo song, ‘Pretty Boy’. Juniel 3rd mini album title song, ‘Pretty Boy’, is a song with vivid up-tempo pop genre. Through this new song, Juniel showcases an 180o different new look. The funny lyrics tell about a heart that hopes for a ‘pretty boy’. Juniel’s youthful voice compels the fresh and comfortable feeling of the song.

2. DATE 

DATE is a pop song where the sound acoustic guitar blended with lead synthesizer compels a shuffle rhythm. DATE beautifully expresses the feeling of a lovely girl who is excited to go for a date. The song represents a youthful expression where Juniel’s exciting voice and the lyrics blend very well.

3. Sleeptalking

‘Sleeptalking’ is a waltz song whose arrangements create harmony between acoustic guitar, xylophone, and tympani. Juniel’s sweet voice and lovely lyrics blend well creates a warm and happy-hearted song.

4. My lips 

‘My lips’ is a cute-vivid pop song. The song showcases harmonization among synthesizer, guitar sound, bouncing arrangement and Juniel’s youthful voice. The song expresses the desire to cherish the person we love.

Translated by rifni@junielindo

Source: Naver Music Site 


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