[Temporary Lyric] JUNIEL ~ Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy


Oh~ My baby boy…

Halo… Halo…
Baby… Halo… Halo…
My Pretty Boy…


Halo~ Banila all over the world 🙂
This is me, advenascence ^^
How are you nowadays?
I’m so sorry that I appeared really rarely on here.
I’m just busy for preparing my graduation.

So, I cameback again to post Juniel’s Pretty Boy temporary lyric.
Juniel has a good english pronouncation and you will catch the lyric as well 😄

FYI, ‘Halo’ is from Spanish. It means hello in english.
But, Indonesian people are also using ‘Halo’ for daily communication especially when doing a phone call.

Temporary lyric by advenascence
Source OfficialJUNIEL YT


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