[Temporary Lyric] JUNIEL ~ Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy


Oh~ My baby boy…

Halo… Halo…
Baby… Halo… Halo…
My Pretty Boy…


Halo~ Banila all over the world 🙂
This is me, advenascence ^^
How are you nowadays?
I’m so sorry that I appeared really rarely on here.
I’m just busy for preparing my graduation.

So, I cameback again to post Juniel’s Pretty Boy temporary lyric.
Juniel has a good english pronouncation and you will catch the lyric as well XD

FYI, ‘Halo’ is from Spanish. It means hello in english.
But, Indonesian people are also using ‘Halo’ for daily communication especially when doing a phone call.

Temporary lyric by advenascence
Source OfficialJUNIEL YT


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