[Radio Recap] 140114 SBS Kwill Youngstreet

Video credit : 5neulen @twitter @youtube.

SBS Kwill’s Youngstreet, 8pm-10pm. The DJ is K.will. Juniel is fixed guest with Kye Bumjoo in a corner titled “ 상금의 제국 “ . Basically, they read people sending stories of their problems and they give money prize to those they thought need it. They also give money prize to the viewer who give interesting suggestion.

 140114 Recap, Portion, Rough Trans

#Opening, Talking about FNC Duet

Kwill: Seems like yesterday is new year, but today is already the second week of 2014. How about juniel and the promotional(?) boyfriend jonghyun?

Juniel: We break up already sometime in the past

Kwill: I thought you date for real, after the promotion is over, like in drama.

Juniel: We broke up after 1 week

Kwill : But i heard another duet from your company (FNC)

Juniel: Yes, with Euni unni

Kwill : Why suddenly your company release it?

Juniel: Euni unnie have passion about music, even want to put out album

[Talking about seniority]

Kwill: So there is two joint project, how is this possible? so fast (putting 2 joint project in a row)

Juniel: It just turns out like that. Like LTE

[Talking about Kye Bumjoo was a music staff for special song in gayo daejun, and it feels really good for him. Kwill also sing in that special song]

#1st problem, In blind date, what should I talk about?

Kwill: meeting someone for the first time is of course awkward, they asks things like who is the celebrity you like? what kind of movie you like? A lot of people is actually having problem about this kind of conversation.  What about you bumjoo?

Bumjoo: I never actually been in blind date.

Kwill : How you just meet girls? naturally? in the club?

Bumjoo: well, i just naturally talk to them, i never been to preplanned blind date.

Kwill: How about you juniel? Blind date?

Juniel:  No, i never been to blind date, but i’ve been in a situation like this. I’m hanging out with my friend, the two of us. Suddenly my friend get acall from his/her other friend and ask me whether it’s okay for his/her friend to come and hang out with us. That’s how i met people usually.

Bumjoo: Just naturally like that

Kwill: Blind date is really burdensome and put pressure on you

Juniel: Yea, i dont like it.

Bumjoo: I think rather than blind date, there are lots of people you can met from just naturally meet up

Kwill: Before i debut i go to blind date set up by my very close friend. But we really dont match. [He got bad experience]

Bumjoo: I once set up blind date for my neighborhood hyung, but he plans so much, it becomes burdensome for the girl.

Kwill: Rather than talking about nonsense and lies, what should guys talk about in blind date?

Kye bumjoo: ViewerXXX: what about talking about drama or movie you watch?

Kwill: But it’s really awkward for those who doesnt watch a lot of things like me.

Juniel:  Ah, i like this response Viewerxxx:  I think it’s okay to do something like this, when looking at the girl face “ I think you look like someone, ah you look suzy, you get that alot right?

Kwill : What if they dont look alike?

Juniel: But girls like this kind of stuff

Kwill: Let me put it this way, so who do you like juniel? you like suzy ?

Juniel:  Yes, i like all pretty ladies

Kwill: So you like to be called look like suzy?

Juniel:  Yes, i like it, oh thank you

Kwill: oh, you really like it, you look like suzy juniel

Juniel; Why are you being like this?

Kwill : it’s weird right?

Juniel: But i think it’s good for blind date.

Bumjoo: Pretty girls can get many things, like “You look like juniel”

Juniel: Ah they must feel bad

Kwill: Why are you talking like this

Bumjoo: Juniel can be also use as example(you’re pretty too)

Juniel: Ah thank you

Kwill: when i first met you  for broadcast, i thought you look like a doll

Juniel: Ah really? thank you, really thank you

Kwill: Like a expressionless(?) doll, and you are taller than i expected

Juniel: Ah there are bad talk like that

Kwill : Because you dont have expression in your face

Juniel: I was rookies, so i was really nervous

Kwill: You were expressionless doll back then, but you are a pretty girl now. that can be told to someone ”ah you look like juniel”

Juniel: Yeorobun, do talk about that to girl(look like juniel)

*Bumjoo and juniel laughs*

Juniel: ah.. this things..

[Another viewer suggest to complement the hair/ make up]

[Another viewer suggest doing a kim tan line from heirs] Juniel: No, you really shouldnt do that

Kwill: Which one you like the best

Juniel: I like the suzy one, if i go to blind date, i think i would love to hear that.

Kwill: How much will we give this person?

Juniel:  How much are we giving for this segment today?

Kwill: 20.000won

Juniel: 10.000 won

Kwill: Really? Suddenly Bumjoo?

Bumjoo: I said 5000 won… 6000 won?

Kwill: So i said 8000 won, and i think i like this. Ask this cutely “Since we go to blind date how about asking drinking together.

Juniel and bumjoo: Cute,i think it’s cute.

Juniel: 5000 won

Bumjoo: 5000 won

Kwill: 5000 won it is.

[Playing romantic J’s love falls]

Kwill: We are back in youngstreet, we are giving 2000 won to all this little problem

Juniel: Viewer: In my company, there is someone who act really friendly to me, but since he look older, so i call him hyung, but that person ask: do you know me.

Bumjoo: Ah i get this a lot

Kwill: Yes, we who do broadcasting get this problem a lot,

Juniel: Really many

Kwill: Who is this person

Juniel: Reporter too, so many of them.

Bumjoo: For concert too, there are so many staff, and that i get mistaken sometimes

Kwill: For me, i can remember the face, but i cant remember where i met them.

[Really good problem, they give the 2000won]

[another problem]

[Problem about finding gift for boyfriend]

# 2nd problem

Juniel read viewer problem about know how for company dinner.

Kwill:  First off, juniel you are in age of you can already can drink right?

Juniel: Yes.

Kwill: Do you a fan of alcohol?

Juniel : I dont hate it.

Kwill: Ah..

Bumjoo: Sounds like you’re good at it

Juniel: No no, i am.. no..

Kwill: Usually when someone who likes drinking like me, when asked do you like drinking? i will answer yes i like it.

Juniel: [explain herself about her drinking capabilities, i dont understand much]

Kwill: So, it’s like that.

[Talking about bumjoo plan before christmas to drink with his friends,but it failed, and the next day, bumjoo going to have a drink with his friends, but his all his friends bring their girlfriend, bumjoo get angry and then eat meat alone]

Kwill: So you two.. in your company dinner..

Juniel: No

Bumjoo: I go to club mostly because of that, there is party and other event

Juniel: For our company(FNC), artist are not included, why is this?

Kwill: Really?

Juniel: Since artist are not included so i never go

Kwill: Since we’re not exactly employee. Our company is like that too, but there are other way, like i like watching baseball. So it will be nice to try that.

Juniel: I went to radio company dinner in bbq place

[Playing Kwill song]

Reading other response: pretending to have allergy, going to toilet, winning in drinking game]

[Giving money]

Kwill [Closing] Thank you again for you two juniel and bumjoo, let’s see each other next week again.

#Note: Translation is rough translation, it can be wrong and we’re sorry if we did get something wrong.


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