[Radio Recap] 140120 Kwill Youngstreet

Podcast from SBS:

SBS Kwill’s Youngstreet, 8pm-10pm. The DJ is K.will. Juniel is fixed guest with Kye Bumjoo in a corner titled “ 상금의 제국 “ . Basically, they read people sending stories of their problems and they give money prize to those they thought need it. They also give money prize to the viewer who give interesting suggestion.

 140120 Recap, Portion, Rough Trans


Talking about Kang Gary’s album MR Gae, Bumjoo is participating in the album. He said his mom like gary, but she didnt watch the mv (it’s rather controversial because of the lyrics and the mv). Juniel said she hasnt watch the mv but watch the teaser and seems like a really strong mv. Kwill said she’s a grown up so she can watch it, but kwill said she rather not watch it. Kye bumjoo new album will be dropped in february. It will be a single album, and he is still in review for 19+ rating. Since his debut album got 19+ rating he would like to not get that review again. Kye bumjoo go to a lot of radio so it need to get air time, but it wont if it get 19+ rating. For bumjoo it’s not 19+, but there’s something iffy, so he doesnt know. Juniel looking forward to kye bumjoo new album.

Kwill: After the duet with jonghyun it’s been a month right?

Juniel : it is

Kwill: When will your album out?

Juniel: I dont know, there’s no schedule yet. i’m ruined*laugh*, my CEO album is being scheduled.

Kwill: What do you mean by ruined, why are you shocking us like this, suddenly saying you’re ruined?

Juniel: ah i dont know *laugh*

Kwill: Twosong place is from FNC so there are female male duet, who will be next.. who are other female artist from your company? ah AOA , can be with FT Island, CN Blue

Juniel : It(The next collabo) can be my ceo too

Kwill: Your CEO has a greedy for broadcast

Juniel : He is so greedy about broadcast

Kwill: Why dont you do your album with your ceo?

Juniel: I’m busy nowadays

Kwill:  Really got no time at all?

Juniel: There is also aoa, as a sunbae i need to have consideration. It will be good for them.

#1st problem, going vacation abroad. What should i bring?

Kwill: Ah what a happy problem going to Europe

Juniel: I really want to do that.

Kwill: There are traveling show, and i really want to do it.There are also people who plan to go there and save for a year. I think it’s very awesome and i’m envy of them. They see more the world than i am

Juniel : I really want to do it alone

Kwill: Wont it be lonely?

Juniel: it’s my dream. There are a lot people around me, so i just want to go alone and turn off my phone so i’m not be bothered.

Kwill: So no one will able to contact you?

Juniel: I dont like being contacted in my holiday, so it will be the best to turn off the phone.

Kwill, Bumjoo: Ah you’re really amazing juniel

Juniel: I really want to do it, maybe a traveling show

Kwill: Do it then juniel

Juniel : The company said no

Kwill: They’re not confident?

Juniel: I guess they are not confident, but i am.

Kwill: You always confident in yourself

Juniel: yes. I can even do the filming alone.

Kwill: What if you manager become the cameraman?

Juniel: if my manager comes, it will be hard for him.

Kwill: you’re very particular.

[Story about kwill out of nowhere without plan propose a vacation, it was different]

Juniel: Ah that’s a very cool mom

Kwill: you live in japan for a long time alone?

Juniel: yes, alone for sometime

Kwill: At very young age too

Juniel : nothing happen though

Bumjoo: Your japanese must be good

Juniel: Japanese.. ah.. yes.

Kwill: Do you have any tips for those who go abroad?

Juniel: (something is different in every country, but i dont know what it means) and having cash money is the best

Kwill: Of course our cash prize madam (juniel nick in this YS corner)

Juniel: It is the best, nothing cant be bought

Kwill: You are now with 22 year old juniel

[Talking about response]

Juniel already try spray shampoo ( Dry Shampoo) and though it doesnt compare to shampooing her hair, it’s pretty decent and nice. She like it.

[Some other, sunglasses, socks, etc] A viewer said slipper and juniel agree.

Kwill after juniel said some suggestion: Of course juniel, have so many experiences.

Juniel said she like the idea of bringing hotpack.

[Giving prize money]

[Talking about viewer problem: Want to get his money back from his ex girlfriend]

[Talking about viewer problem: Getting fake brand as a present from boyfriend] Juniel said that the boyfriend might not know that it’s a fake.


Note: Kwill and Bumjoo in many times fascinated by juniel way of thinking.

Since Kwill Youngstreet get a DJ Change from Boom to Kwill, sometimes the schedule is changing. At times this corner air every tuesday, but sometimes wednesday and sometimes monday.

Note from writer : Do talk to me if you find something wrong with this rough trans, i’m always open to correction. Also if you can help me, it would be nice. 🙂


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