[TRANS] 140125 Younha Starry Night Acoustic live with Juniel and Yoo Seungwoo

Starry night’s cutie pie, our Yoo Seungwoo

Looks exceptionally in a good mood, why?

Uwah… Who is this pretty girl?

Acoustic live special guest JUNIEL, welcome

Seungwoo and Juniel is very compatible, you cant see their 4 Years age difference.

The two of them who are usually close, They’re given a question.

What is Yoo Seungwoo to Juniel ? …… The prettiest little brother in the world!

Then.. What is Juniel to Yoo Seungwoo

….Just a big sister who is a lot like me


Just like her face, her voice is also beautiful

Starry Family

Listen to  Juniel live performance

I feel like this position belong to me

In the future please give me a call! I will always come to play!

kekekeke. Really? We’ll call you time to time for real !

Come play often juniel ^.^

Whenever hearing his live performance, we suspect seungwoo real age!

This song was out when he was 10 years old!!!!!

Just listen to his live performance for 1 minute and you can feel his deep emotion !

Always bright and charming

That is starry family’s cutest, Yoo Seungwoo!

We dont have to say it for you to know right? Starry night will remember this as precious memory  ♡

Good live performance!

Juniel and Yoo seungwoo who gives a pleasant night as a gift to starry family,

Thank you 🙂

Translated from : MBC radio website 


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