[Radio Recap] 140204 MBC Shindong Shimshimtapa

Youtube Video: Audio Only

CR: 5neulen

Shindong shimshimtapa is a radio program hosted by Shindong from Super Junior. Juniel is a special guest for a corner that air a short radio drama. So she has to act in this corner. The fixed guest for this corner is B1A4 CNU and Gongchan.

  • Shindong:Been a while since juniel been in SSTP. Juniel was a fixed guest on one of SSTP  corner with Baro a year ago.
  • Shindong asked to gongchan and cnu did baro said anything about juniel.
  • Cnu said that B1A4 and juniel met on their way to radio once. Baro and juniel friendly greet each other.
  • Gongchan said that baro and juniel call each other by nickname like jokbal(?) and Patbingsoo.
  • Juniel said that it was their SSTP nickname. She is called patbingsoo and Baro is panjuk(?) . After juniel and baro no longer become fixed guest in SSTP they promised to stay close and call each other by their nickname on SSTP.
  • CNU said this is the first time seeing juniel upclose, his first impression on juniel is that she’s cute and pretty. Juniel thank him
  • Juniel said Gongchan attend the same highschool as her. Gongchan didnt know this. Because juniel went to japan for a year. So as they supposed to be same year student, juniel is one grade below gongchan. (both are born in 93)
  • Shindong: You two( Juniel and Gongchan) are friends now what will you do if you met again?(Calling each other by nickname like juniel and baro?). Juniel: I dont think we’ll met again in near future after this.Shindong: You can met in music program and other. Juniel: Because i’m not releasing anything in anytime soon. Ah, now is AOA promotion and after that CN Blue is making a comeback?. Juniel : Yes, AOA then CN Blue and then a rookie group from our company (N.Flying) will out. Shindong : When you’ll have your comeback?. Juniel: I dont know, I’m screwed, I’m screwed. CNU: Why are you screwed?. Juniel: My comeback is not coming soon, Shindong: Not true, illa illa was a big success. Juniel: I’m doing my best preparing for comeback
  • CNU laugh out loud because what juniel said, when asked why he answer because juniel is too honest.
  • Juniel : I’m joking around. Shindong: You are joking right? Juniel: Of course *laughs*

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