[Radio Recap] 140211 SBS Kwill Youngstreet

[RADIO RECAP] 140211 SBS Kwill Youngstreet

Podcast from SBS:


Youtube :

SBS Kwill’s Youngstreet, 8pm-10pm. The DJ is K.will. Juniel is fixed guest with Kye Bumjoo in a corner titled “ 상금의 제국 “ . Basically, they read people sending stories of their problems and they give money prize to those they thought need it. They also give money prize to the viewer who give interesting suggestion.

  • Kwill introduced juniel as a girl who can see ghost. Juniel corrected him that she cant see ghost, she just feel them.
  • Kwill said that juniel and jimin have the same expression when they talk about ghost
  • Juniel talk about her highschool that have many celeb, girl’s day hyeri, sehun, boyfriend, suzy, sulli
  • Kwill said that her highschool probably will look like a drama.
  • Since juniel is older than her classmate by one year (Because she went to japan) she is like the big sister to other student.
  • Kye bumjoo said zico jokingly asking him what he need. Bumjoo said that he needs tv and zico bought it for him.
  • They’re talking about interesting name. Juniel said that hip hop singer have interesting names like gaeko, choiza, gary, verbal jint, sanchez. They touched about their own stage name.. Juniel then said that juniel is a mix of junhee and love. Kwill said that the stage name have a suitable mood for her image.

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