[Radio Recap] 140211 MBC Shindong’s Shimshimtapa

Full Audio:

Short drama cut from MBC youtube

Shindong shimshimtapa is a radio program hosted by Shindong from Super Junior. Juniel is a special guest for a corner that air a short radio drama. So she has to act in this corner. The other guest is Noh Jihoon and Dickpunks’ Kim Jaeheung

  • A viewer said that juniel reminds her/him of elsa from frozen. Juniel: I dont think so me? do you think so? Shindong: No
  • Shindong: Then who you think suits you more? Juniel: Juniel. Shindong: that suits you more. lol
  • Juniel got the part of the female lead. She said she knew it. lol Juniel said it will be nice if lead male change every single time
  • Shindong: Do you like this week two lead male?. Juniel: Yes, i like them, i cant wait for next week.(different guest)
  • Juniel said she think she will be back next week or to several times, because she doing a good job on the corner.
  • SD: You guys dont know that juniel is this kind of person are you? NJH KJH: No. SD: Neither do i. lol

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