[TRANS] 140215 Juniel in Younha Starry with Yoo Seungwoo


We need friends

Like we need music on saturday night

You are here together with starry night

<Acoustic Live>



Our starry night longtime cutie pie friend

Like always, V- Mania (Making peace hand sign) Yoo seungwoo 🙂



Though we only met twice, but feels like friend, really nice to meet you again

Just like flower, our pretty friend Juniel 🙂


Together with Friends theme <Acoustic Live>

Starry night family, come and listen to

Yoo seungwoo and Juniel cool live performance

Like having fun together with friends, one hour has been spend, are you happy?

Saturday night, Starry night family, together with friends listen to

<Acoustic live> Hope for your participation

Source: MBC Website

Translation by Junielindo


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