[Radio Recap] 140215 MBC Younha Starry night Acoustic live

[Radio Recap] 140215 MBC Younha Starry Night

MBC Younha starry night aired everyday from 22:00-24:oo KST. The corner juniel guest in is “Acoustic Live” where juniel and yoo seungwoo play acoustic songs. The corner aired every Saturday and lasted for about an hour. Sadly there is no full podcast on this episode. Juniel cover “as I say” and “Friday”

  • Younha: When i see juniel and yoo seungwoo in studio, it’s very comfortable  athmosphere.
  • Juniel: Me too, when i visit starry night, there is younha unnie and yoo seungwoo… now we’ve known each other for two years.
  • Younha: The two of you was having rehearsal ealier and i come in, the feeling of three of us together is very good
  • Seungwoo: Younha noona must feel very old. Younha: I’m not even 29, i’m 28 years old now. Juniel: Seungwoo is just too young
  • Info : younha born 1988, juniel born 1993, and Yoo seungwoo born in 1997
  • A reporter was interviewing seungwoo, she/ he said that 97 born arent that young anymore. because there are those who debut as idol is 2000line. He thought he start off young but there are others who start off even younger than him.
  • They’re talking about Yoo Seungwoo mini album. Seungwoo: Just listen to it once… please (in pleading voice)
  • Younha: The title track is hesistating lips, why is the lips hesistating?. YSW: The lyrics is because i really love you so much but got to scared to said that word. Younha and juniel really likes that kinda song, and said that the song will do good.
  • Seungwoo : But it come out the same time as SM the ballad. After this is shinee’s jonghyun sunbaenim radio show.Younha: it’s on the other mbc radio channel (younha is on MBC standart FM and jonghyun’s radio program is on MBC FM4U
  • Younha: juniel what are you doing these days?. Juniel I’m writing songs and playing
  • *talking about close friend* Juniel have close friend from elementary school day her name is shinae(?) unnie. Younha is worried because juniel just throw the name outthere and juniel said her friend will like it, she’s trying to be actress.
  • *What they usually do when they meet their friends* Juniel: We ate pasta and talk.YSW: Me and my friends usually eat army base soup then after that maybe we talk
  • Juniel; Talking about close friend (Chinhan Chingu) i was on that program with seungwoo. Younha: Ah you two were on that program. Juniel : Ah i really like that program. Seungwoo: Really good friends of ours. Juniel: With jung joonyoung and roy kim. Ah that two hyung. Younha: ah you can meet again, since you are close friends. keke Ah why are we talking about fm4u program
  • Info: Chinhan chingu is cancelled a while after roy kim depart to attend university in US. Even roy kim and jung joonyoung rarely see each other nowadays, they live in the same house before. Yoo seungwoo even said that those two guys dont have close friend nowadays. Younha is also close with joonyoung and roy kim.
  • Talking about viewer story, a guy like a girl. The guy have friend and the friend said he doesnt like the girl. Then friend date girl. Yoo seungwoo said that this really sounds like his own story lol. Juniel said that when it’s the man her friend date or like, juniel doesnt see that man as a man. So she got no exp like that
  • Juniel said she also have a friend who is a boy and her mother totally trust him and not worried if she go with him, her mother really like him. His name is hanmae (he was FNC trainee and same age friend as juniel . Thank you  Iffah @herhisstory for the info)
  • Yoo seungwoo said he’s really close with his SSK contestant friend and also friends from radio, like juniel and younha
  •  Juniel doesnt have phone since trainee days, that’s when she lose contact with her friend (Because FTI and CNB did it, the company continue the tradition, juniel even give up her phone voluntarily because she wants to focus on music)
  • Juniel said she, jimin and choa from AOA, even though isnt same age friend (Choa and jimin is older than juniel) they are really close and tell each other secrets, jaejin said that they’re part of ‘Old FNC’))
  • Info: Juniel got her phone now (See: Cheongdamdong 111 when she asks CEO Han Seungho for it)
  • Yoo Seungwoo : juniel noona got her phone like two months ago and she was really happy. Juniel: I even call those i’m not close with. lol
  • Younha and yoo seungwoo said that they’re moved and have strange feelings when their close friend getting married. Juniel never felt like that, maybe because none of her close friends are getting married. Juniel said that if she found the right man than she will married him and tell the company. Younha: You just got your phone two months ago and you want to get married? lol

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