[RADIO RECAP] 140225 SBS Kwill Youngstreet

Video Credit : 5neulen

[RADIO RECAP] 140225 SBS Kwill Youngstreet

Podcast from SBS: http://radio.sbs.co.kr/gorealra/exe/GorealraPlayer.jsp?vod_id=V0000352536&podcast_id=pcastP0000000656

SBS Kwill’s Youngstreet, 8pm-10pm. The DJ is K.will. Juniel is fixed guest with Kye Bumjoo in a corner titled “ 상금의 제국 “ or Empire of Cash Prize . Basically, they read people sending stories of their problems and they give money prize to those they thought need it. They also give money prize to the viewer who give interesting suggestion.

  • Kwill intro juniel as hallyu star. Juniel wonder why he said that. Kwill said it’s because juniel go to hongkong again
  • Juniel said that in korea she doesnt have that many fans. Unexpectedly in hongkong she got more fans than she thought she would have
  • When juniel said that she doesnt have that many fans in korea. Kwill and Kye bumjoo said they really dont think so.
  • Kwill: Who are you close with?(other singers). Juniel: I’m close with SSK4 alumni, like Yoo seungwoo, joonyoung and roy kim. Kwill: How you become close with them? Juniel: I just keep meeting them on broadcast and we all play instrument so we become close
  • Kwill: So seungwoo is the maknae (youngest)? Juniel: Right, he’s so young and so pretty right yoo seungwoo. Bumjoo: I come to yoo seungwoo fanmeet several days ago, after my concert ended i just went visit him. Juniel: He’s so cute. Bumjoo: he is
  • Kwill: Bumjoo is ssk season? 4?. Bumjoo: Yes, me too, season 4 , that’s why i’m close with the other contestant we live together before
  • Juniel: ah i also come to speakshow. Bumjoo: you come too? . Juniel: But bumjoo’s performance already over. Bumjoo: hooo.B umjoo: It was a good show. Juniel: i scream so loud when phantom perform, we cant stand up so me and my friend just sit and dance
  • Bumjoo: phantom was really good. Kwill: What is his name vocalist of phantom?. Bumjoo: Sanchez. Juniel: also hanhae sunbaenim.
  • Kwill and juniel talk about how the camera and flash went crazy when they met or on a same event as boygroup, surprising experience

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