[RADIO RECAP] 140304 SBS Kwill Youngstreet

[RADIO RECAP] 140304 SBS Kwill Youngstreet

Podcast from SBS:http://radio.sbs.co.kr/gorealra/exe/GorealraPlayer.jsp?vod_id=V0000352536&podcast_id=pcastP0000000662

SBS Kwill’s Youngstreet, 8pm-10pm. The DJ is K.will. Juniel is fixed guest with Kye Bumjoo in a corner titled “ 상금의 제국 “ or Empire of Cash Prize . Basically, they read people sending stories of their problems and they give money prize to those they thought need it. They also give money prize to the viewer who give interesting suggestion.

  • Juniel sings bits of Roy kim’s spring spring spring
  • Talking about reverse charm that juniel and bumjoo have
  • For juniel, kwill said when she shows up with one piece shalala dress and when she sings, she’s so lovely. But when she talk… she has different charm
  • Kwill: What you want for spring? Juniel: I want boyfriend. Kwill: Work related?. Juniel: Then to CEO, to work on my album
  • Kwill said that he even get caught sleep in camera on army program (real men). Juniel and Bumjoo said they want to watch him in army
  • Juniel lipsync along to vixx’s on and on
  • Juniel said she really like jelly.
  • Juniel: It’s easy to make jelly. Just blend fruit juice and add gelatine. Kwill: You have tried it? Juniel: No, but it seems to work
  • If her boyfriend/husband still have gift from past lovers juniel said she hate it and would talk to him directly. For juniel said that things like bag or sweater is fine. But if it’s ring, pictures and things they do together. Better get rid of it.

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