[Radio Recap] 140308 MBC Younha Starry Night

[Radio Recap] 140308 MBC Younha Starry Night

MBC Younha starry night aired everyday from 22:00-24:00 KST. The corner juniel guest in is “Acoustic Live” where juniel and yoo seungwoo play acoustic songs. The corner aired every Saturday and lasted for about an hour. The corner is on the first half.

  • They just start, juniel and younha already teasing seungwoo that he try to appeal as man last week to Fromm who attend starry night. Younha and juniel was talking about how seungwoo clap so hard when fromm perform. They jokingly said they must be too comfortable. After juniel perform many viewer send message that seungwoo should prepare to clap really hard. Seungwoo said, i clap really hard now
  • This week theme is partner
  • Juniel tell a story about her school days when they used to change the sitting position so girl and boy will sit together so they all went out and first the boys will pick a seat, then they went out. The girls in and pick and then all of them come to class and hey got surprises and some even started dating.
  • Juniel cover Bob Dylan’s Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. Juniel said even though the song is short and kinda sad. It’s the first song she learn to play with guitar. Her teacher suggested the song. Juniel said that music and guitar is her partner
  • Juniel : Seungu seems to be a very good namja saram chingu (NamSaChin) A friend that is a boy, not boyfriend.
  • Juniel perform CN Blue’s lady on acoustic live. She previously do this song on MTV The stage big pleasure.
  • Juniel said because she was trainee with CNB. She even perform ‘Babo’ with yonghwa and ‘Love falls’ with JH.

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