[Radio Recap] 140319 KBS Super Junior Kiss the radio ‘Healing Cafe’

Video credit: 5neulen

KBS Super Junior Kiss the Radio with DJ Ryeowook. The radio program airs from 22:00-24:00 PM KST. You can stream it from KTR app in google play for android user. Juniel is a fixed guest every Wednesday on a corner called “Healing Cafe”. Healing cafe is a corner, where DJ and guest read a letter from viewer and they perform acoustic live to heal the broken heart of the viewer.

Healing Cafe with DJ Ryeowook, Juniel, Kim Jisu and SoReal

  • Ryeowook said that he was moved when he saw juniel last week (The wind accident blowing her book pages).
  • Juniel said she’s sorry for that performance. Ryeowook said that it’s the wind’s fault
  • Juniel she did FNCKingdom with CN Blue, FT Island, AOA and NFlying on budokkan, there are a lot of people attending the concert.Ryeowook: So you guys cried? Juniel: Ah nothing like that, we’re just very happy and we had a good time.
  • Juniel: I want to cut my hair but the company doesnt allow it. Jisoo: What if i cut it? Juniel: I might kill you *Joking* *laugh*
  • Soreal is performing EXO’s miracles in december and Juniel said she love this song.
  • One of the Soreal member cry because it’s their first radio broadcast and he felt emotional
  • Juniel perform J. Rabbit’s song.

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