[Radio Recap] 140326 KBS Super Junior Kiss the radio ‘Healing Cafe’


cr @5neulen

KBS Super Junior Kiss the Radio with DJ Ryeowook. The radio program airs from 22:00-24:00 PM KST. You can stream it from KTR app in google play for android user. Juniel is a fixed guest every Wednesday on a corner called “Healing Cafe”. Healing cafe is a corner, where DJ and guest read a letter from viewer and they perform acoustic live to heal the broken heart of the viewer.

Healing Cafe with DJ Ryeowook, Juniel, Kim Jisu, Leeji (Ggotjam Project), Rockhyun, Hyukjin (100%)

  • Healing cafe starts. Ryeowook said hyukjin and rokhyun looks like twin. Juniel said that they look like each other.
  • Juniel : Leeji is actually younger than me. Ryeowook : how old are you? Leeji: 21 years old. Ryeowook : Juniel?. Juniel : I’m 22 years old. Ryeowook: That’s just 1 year difference. Juniel: Shouldnt talk about age around oppa. lol
  • A viewer said that juniel look shining today. Juniel : i actually wear something comfortable today. Ryeowook : Maybe because you’re comfortable. Today you’re like a goddess.
  • Ryeowook then asked Juniel to speak Thai and she said sa-wah-dee-kah which means Hello. The only word she knows.
  • Leeji perform ggotjam project title song.
  • Juniel said that leeji’s voice is perfect to listen in festival, while picnic and eating packed lunch
  • Hyukjin said that he is from busan and even though he feels like he speak standart accent, his accent is actually showing.Juniel said she cant tell rokhyun have accent (he’s from jeolla) but she can tell right away hyukjin have accent.
  • Juniel said that hyukjin will be good in reply franchise (because of his nice accent).
  • Jisoo perform acoustic cover of Jason Mraz’s Bella Luna. After jisoo perform juniel said why is he so sexy today. Then she laugh.
  • Juniel: If leeji’s voice sounds like songs in a festival, jisoo oppa’s voice is like the song you hear in bar
  • Juniel said lasik (she had lasik surgery last year because her eyesight wasnt good) is the best medical procedure. When she open her eyes in the morning, her sight is so clear and it makes er happy
  • Hyukjin and Rokhyun cover 2AM’s This Song. Juniel said that when CNB’s Jonghyun first started trainee, his satoori carry on even when he sings.
  • Leezi perform acoustic version of Ed Sheeran’s A team.
  • Leezi perform it so nice. Ryeowook: What to do juniel *because leezi is so good* all four guys is falling for leezi. Juniel: i like Her style and voice a lot. Leezi sounds like a foreign singer
  • Juniel perform acoustic cover of The Bangles’ Eternal Flame
  • Today’s healing cafe really feels like spring. The songs are really warm.

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