[Radio Recap] 140401 SBS Kwill Youngstreet ‘Empire of Cash Prize’

cr: 5neulen

Podcast from SBS : http://radio.sbs.co.kr/gorealra/exe/GorealraPlayer.jsp?vod_id=V0000352536&podcast_id=pcastP0000000689

SBS Kwill’s Youngstreet, 8pm-10pm. The DJ is K.will. Juniel is fixed guest with Kye Bumjoo in a corner titled “ 상금의 제국 “ or Empire of Cash Prize . Basically, they read people sending stories of their problems and they give money prize to those they thought need it. They also give money prize to the viewer who give interesting suggestion.

  • Kwill asked if juniel prank people on April fool, juniel said no, she did get many confession in katalk because today is april fool. Kwill asked if juniel feel anything when she get confession. Juniel said she felt nothing, because those who jokingly confess to her, isnt that kind of person.
  • *Talking about april fools* Kye Bumjoo:I once pranked my friend, and post their number as DBSK number on Internet. The response was crazy, he gets so many phonecalls. Juniel: I might be one of those girl who call, i’m DBSK fans and i was young back then so i can be stupid enough to believe all that. Kye bumjoo: hahahahaha that was really funny prank
  • Juniel’s Pretty Boy is playing now

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