[Radio Recap] 140402 KBS Super Junior Kiss the radio ‘Healing Cafe’

cr: 5neulen

KBS Super Junior Kiss the Radio with DJ Ryeowook. The radio program airs from 22:00-24:00 PM KST. You can stream it from KTR app in google play for android user. Juniel is a fixed guest every Wednesday on a corner called “Healing Cafe”. Healing cafe is a corner, where DJ and guest read a letter from viewer and they perform acoustic live to heal the broken heart of the viewer.

Healing Cafe with DJ Ryeowook, Juniel, Kim Jisu, Lalasweet and Loco

  • Ryeowook: Juniel today too…. transformational change.. I thought you are AOA members. Kim Jisu: For me, juniel is always pretty. Juniel: really? but i dont change much Ryeowook: But feels different, maybe because it’s spring?
  • Juniel: When i watch joint concert where loco perform too, many woman just come to watch loco and leave after he perform. Ryeowook: Juniel too looks really happy (to have loco here). Juniel: Yes *laugh*
  • Juniel said she really love the song and she asks lalasweet what’s the meaning behind the lyrics (Because it’s really poetic )
  • Juniel perform Oh jieun’s Instead of loving me. She said she really love song, especially the lyrics.
  • Kim Jisoo: wah today has strong feeling. Ryeowook: What you think loco? *loco stuttered* Loco: She’s… cool lalasweet member: This is the first time i met and see juniel perform, i think she did well with her look and music really suit her
  • Viewer: Today is viewable radio, and juniel looks very beautiful today. Juniel: Ah really? I need to keep this kind of style then. Juniel: I’m not comfortable with my hair up bcoz i have chubby cheek. RW: Don’t say that. Loco: I have too much
  • Juniel converse with loco about AOMG (His company/ label , Jay Park is CEO of AOMG) because she watch simon d talk about it before
  • Loco perform his digital song hold me tight. Juniel said she really like this song.
  • Loco: Nice to see other music beside hiphop. Juniel *laugh* : loco’s character/ personality is so funny
  • Viewer asks to sings a song. Loco: murehage(?) mu re ha ge. Juniel laughs, after he sings everyone laugh, then they all sings together.Ryeowook: Juniel arent you little too happy? I’m jealous. Juniel: It’s because.. (funny) Sorry…
  • This is the last day for kim jisu on healing cafe.Ryeowook: He’s been with me since first episode of healing cafe.How you feel juniel?Juniel: Oppa is always say to me, dont leave me (dont quit the show) but he leave first.Ryeowook: So you want to leave too juniel?. Juniel: ..no..Ryeowook to juniel : Ah from now on you have to do well juniel, you’re the madam of the corner. Juniel: T__T yes

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