[Radio Recap] 140417 MBC Younha Starry Night ‘Acoustic Live

MBC Younha starry night aired everyday from 22:00-24:00 KST. The corner juniel guest in is “Acoustic Live” where juniel and yoo seungwoo play acoustic songs live. The corner aired every Saturday and lasted for about an hour. The corner is on the first half, so it aired 2200-23:00 PM KST. 

Video cr: 5neulen

With DJ Younha, Juniel, Yoo Seungwoo and Eddy Kim

  • Eddy kim is the new guest. Yoo seungwoo was in SSK4 with him. When asked where juniel knows him. Both of them said they know each other because they were guests on the same radio program (Roy Kim and Jung Junyoung’s Chinhan Chingu)
  • Juniel said that she listen to Kim Dongryul’s <Old Song> a lot these days. She keep repeating the song over and over again.Juniel sings a little part of the song.
  • Eddy said because he just released the song, he sings <the manual> a lot. Juniel said she really likes the song. How do you know woman’s heart so well. Younha: Must’ve date a lot of them. Juniel: like a bad guy who try to be sweet
  • Viewer: Having heavy heart all day, listen to starry night warm me up a little bit especially because i live alone. Guests: Totally Living alone is lonely. Younha: what’s up with you three, all agree at the same time.
  • Younha perform a live song. Juniel: This is the first time i watch younha DJ live with piano like that, i’m in awe
  • Juniel perform little bit of <Please tell me why> from Freestyle. The song was very popular when juniel was an elementary school student
  • Juniel: When talking about old song, even me and eddy dont know about, Seungwoo knows it. Eddy: True, he knows a lot (not like his age)
  • Juniel perform acoustic live cover of Kim Kwangseok’s With the heart to forget you

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