[Radio Recap] 140522 MBC Younha Starry Night ‘Acoustic Live

MBC Younha starry night aired everyday from 22:00-24:00 KST. The corner juniel guest in is “Acoustic Live” where Juniel, Yoo Seungwoo, Eddy Kim and sometimes DJ Younha play acoustic songs live. The corner aired every Thursday Night and lasted for about an hour. The corner is on the first half, so it aired 2200-23:00 PM KST. 

Eddy, Juniel, Younha, Yoo Seungwoo

Eddy, Juniel, Younha, Yoo Seungwoo



Credit: MBC


  • Juniel went to get her make up and hair done, after several time. Younha said she looks cute and today is viewable radio
  • Viewer asking for DBSK’s Hug. Juniel said she’s from DBSK’s era. She loved them like crazy
  • younha get caught. Younha: Me too, from DBSK generation. Juniel: But eddy said he’s from H.O,T gen. Younha: I like H.O.T too and after dbsk debut, i think they are also good. Juniel: They’re the first idol for me. Seungwoo: me too, my girl friend really like them
  • Juniel cover Kim Kwangsuk’s song. She said her father really love kim kwangsuk and plays guitar to his songs.
  • Juniel and Seungwoo sings back up for Eddy Kim’s live performance of <Grenade> originally by bruno mars
  • Viewer: wah eddy live is so good, juniel and seungwoo too who singing “yeah3x”. Juniel: Just like jigsaw, we communicate with our eyes
  • *Juniel perform 2NE1’s I don’t care* including rap part. Younha: Wah, so fresh, listening to rap accompanied with guitar
  • Juniel : I used to practice this song (2NE1 I don’t care) with AOA’s Jimin, so it’s a song i play a lot.

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