[Radio Recap] 140524 SBS Kwill Youngstreet ‘Last Word’

SBS Kwill’s Youngstreet, 8pm-10pm. The DJ is K.will. Juniel is a guest with Jeong Dajeong in a corner titled “ 실실막말 “ aired on Saturday. They read story from viewers and they will give quiz about what is the last line of the story will be.


  • Juniel said that nowadays it gets hotter so fast, she’s scared. Because she like winter more than summer
  • Juniel said when it’s hot there’s no escape, if it’s cold she can just wear more clothes.
  • Kwill : as health food enthusiast what you suggest for summer? Juniel: In summer, beside healthy foods, fruits are the best.
  • Juniel said especially watermelon and berrys are really good in summer
  • Juniel said she take asahi berry, omega 3, vitamin, coconut everyday for supplement
  • Juniel : I want to stay as woman in front of her significant other. I dont want to fart in front him.
  • Juniel: When i’m married i want to wear make up in the morning so i can be pretty for my husband
  • Juniel said she like it more if the boyfriend tell her first before doing surprise event
  • Juniel said that she cant seem to show good reaction for gifts, even if she’s really happy she can only say “ah thank you”
  • Juniel said that she have dated someone 7 years older (86er)
  • Juniel said that age is not defining factors, and that with age gap they can have variety of topic to talk as couple
  • Dajung: can kwill date someone juniel’s age? Kwill: How old are you juniel? Juniel: 22 we’re the same chinese zodiac, rooster Kwill: *say the same thing* we share the same one. well, i dont think i can date with big age gap because we’ll be too different
  • Juniel said that she doesnt usually believe in fortune telling, especially some fortune teller who just beat around the bush
  • Dajung said that she went to get tarot reading that she will fight in may with her boyfriend and she really fights. Juniel: That could happen because you believe in that fortune telling . Kwill: that can happen

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