[Radio Recap] 140529 MBC Younha Starry Night ‘Acoustic Live’

MBC Younha starry night aired everyday from 22:00-24:00 KST. The corner juniel guest in is “Acoustic Live” where Juniel, Yoo Seungwoo, Eddy Kim and sometimes DJ Younha play acoustic songs live. The corner aired every Thursday Night and lasted for about an hour. The corner is  between first and second half, so it aired 2240-23:300 PM KST. 


‘Acoustic Live’ with DJ Younha, Juniel, Yoo Seungwoo and 15&

  • Seungwoo: Why is eddy not here? Juniel: He’s busy with promotion. Seungwoo: but 15& is even busier. Younha: We’ll asks next week. lol
  • Younha: Usually we dont have guest on ‘Acoustic Live’ .15& is very good on live perf. Seungwoo: They’re Live ‘monster’
  • Juniel and Younha is weirded out by the fact that seungwoo is older than 15& (they’re 97er but seungwoo is early 97er so he’s oppa)
  • *After yerin sings* Juniel: Wah really good. Younha: We dont have a soulful voice, all of them are guitar performance. Seungwoo: Eddy hyung face is soulful. Younha: haha
  • Juniel said that if she and seungwoo really needs to sing today because yerin and jimin is so good
  • Viewer asks about what song they use to practice guitar. Juniel said she played <edelweiss> and <you to me, me to you>
  • Seungwoo: Can i talk down (not saying noona) to junhee (juniel) noona in this song? Juniel: No, you cant. Younha: Talk formally to us Juniel: Yes, talk formally to us, haha kidding, sure. *Seungwoo perform Agassi (Lady)
  • A viewer asks juniel to sings peppertones song because she’s such a big fan
  • Juniel said when she was in japan she goes to their website and see the email. In the email she sent her live in japan and her photo Peppertones reach to her and then they promised to meet if she comes back to korea. When she’s back they met in music show
  • On YHY’s Sketchbook and they still keep in contact until this day. She goes to their concert too.
  • Juniel cover <Galaxy Tourist> originally by Peppertones.
  • After juniel live. Younha: After soulful voice, it’s come back to fresh and cute with juniel. Jimin: Ah really cute voice and pretty
  • Seungwoo perform a sung sikyung song. Juniel: Ah it makes me think about being a bride, i want this song as congratulary song
  • Juniel: I went to Oh jieun and Sung Jihwan(of Sweet Sorrow) wedding, they sang congratulary song to each other it’s so pretty.
  • Juniel and Yoo Seungwoo perform <200%> originally by Akdong Musician
  • They love the song, they just prepared it so soon. Seungwoo: Like jigsaw
  • *viewer request Taylor Swift’s Safe and Sound* Younha: Taylor swift’s song is really suitable with juniel. Seungwoo: Korean’s taylo

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