[Radio Recap] 140607 SBS Kwill Youngstreet ‘Last Word’

SBS Kwill’s Youngstreet, 8pm-10pm. The DJ is K.will. Juniel is a guest with Jeong Dajeong (Webtoon Author) in a corner titled “ 실실막말 “ or “Last word” aired on Saturday. They read story from viewers and they will give quiz about what is the last line of the story will be.


Video Credit: 5neulen

  • Juniel said she went to her manager wedding also she went to rainbow island festival, she watch Yoo Seungwoo there.
  • When she watch yoo seungwoo, she said it’s very festive and fun event
  • If her boyfriend said “You’re pretty” juniel said she will feel good, but she didnt believe it.
  • Juniel rather hear that she’s cute from her boyfriend. Because she think she’s not pretty.
  • Kwill: But juniel is pretty. Dajung: True, juniel is pretty though. Juniel: ah.. i dont think so. Juniel: It’s been a while though, since last time i have boyfriend. Kwill: Why are you suddenly confessing like this?
  • Juniel said she likes funny congratulatory song. Like singing FTI’s Bad woman when her girl friend is getting a boyfriend
  • Juniel usually sings “Happy Ending” when she sings congratulatory song.
  • Juniel: When i’m attending Oh jieun wedding. Kwill: Ah i’m there too. Juniel: She and Her groom, Sung Jinhwan sings duet together.
  • niel: Seeing them singing like that leave a lasting impression in my mind. Kwill: Ah, i was eating so i dont pay attention

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