[Radio Recap] 140618 KBS Super Junior Kiss the radio ‘Healing Cafe’

KBS Super Junior Kiss the Radio with DJ Ryeowook. The radio program airs from 22:00-24:00 PM KST. You can stream it from KTR app in google play for android user. Juniel is a fixed guest every Wednesday on a corner called “Healing Cafe”. Healing cafe is a corner, where DJ and guest read a letter from viewer and they perform acoustic live to heal the broken heart of the viewer. Fixed members are Juniel, Hong daekwang and Ubare


KBS Suju Kiss The Radio (KTR) with DJ Ryeowook, Juniel, Ubare, Hong Daekwang and Crush 

  • Juniel said she really like Crush’s voice and she was surprised because he’s 1 year older than her.
  • Juniel watch today’s world cup match on tv with her parents.
  • Ryeowook: From twitter, juniel cook for your father birthday? Juniel: Yes, i find cooking is really interesting and i want to do more
  • Juniel said that ubare looking pretty without her glasses.
  • Ryeowook and Ubare said that juniel is pretty today. Juniel said that she only wear some make up
  • Ryeowook said that the writers keep taking photos of juniel, because today she’s pretty.
  • Juniel cover Maroon5’s <This Love>Juniel change the ‘she’ part in the lyrics to ‘he’.
  • Juniel: Again, i become crush’s fan. Ryeowook: Dont lie, why are you fan of so many people. Juniel: because of the herbal healthy pill (Crush father sells herbal food in wangsimni) Crush: I’ll give you all cheaper price. lol.
  • Crush said earlier that her father sells  healthy herbal pill but juniel said she love health products
  • So ryeowook said that they should come to crush’s father shop and crush said he will gives discount.

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