[Radio Recap] 140620 MBC Shindong’s Shimshimtapa

Shindong shimshimtapa is a radio program hosted by Shindong from Super Junior on MBC Radio that aired everyday from 00.55-0200 AM. Juniel is a special guest of this corner “This(Diss(?) is Hip Hop”, joined by the regular guest Sleepy(Untouchable) and 5zic(M.I.B).

Sleepy, 5Zic, Juniel, Shindong

  • Shindong: A pretty girl who can do witty talk, can sing well and have loyalty to MBC radio…Special guest Juniel !
  • Juniel: Yo yo ju ni el ! *awkwardly* Shindong: What is this? lol
  • Juniel Rap: Yo Yo.. I’m juniel…been a while since i last appear on SSTP. Last week was my 2nd debut anniversary,but i have been resting for 1 year, only been to radios i have nothing else. Today i’ll work hard
  • Sleepy: What a sad rap. 5zic: Really, have no activities except radio.
  • Shindong: What have you been doing, on radio, you are on starry night right? Juniel : Yes, starry night, also with ryeowook oppa.
  • Shindong: Sukira… which one is funner? Starry night or sukira?. Juniel: Both of them are really interesting.Shindong : If you can only pick one, since they are one the same time right? this is mbc..(starry night), ryeowook is my fellow member.
  • Juniel: Wednesday night listen to sukira, Thursday night listen to starry night. Keke
  • Juniel: I only greet 5zic and sleepy, we never actually work. But i met sims on radio not too long ago (sims and 5zic is from MIB)
  • Juniel: I met sleepy many times, because he taught AOA jimin rap, so i bump into him from time to time.
  • Shindong: Are you in the same agency? Sleepy: No, but i help train AOA and other trainee rap in her company
  • Juniel has start dieting.
  • Both sleepy and 5Zic dont see juniel as woman but think she’s cute. 5Zic especially remember when juniel sings illa illa
  • Because 5zic and Juniel won the 1st rap battle, 5zic request Juniel’s illa illa to be played.

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