[Radio Recap] 140621 SBS Kwill Youngstreet ‘Last Word’

SBS Kwill’s Youngstreet, 8pm-10pm. The DJ is K.will. Juniel is a guest with Jeong Dajeong (Webtoon Author) in a corner titled “ 실실막말 “ or “Last word” aired on Saturday. They read story from viewers and they will give quiz about what is the last line of the story will be.

  • Kwill: Is there something you wish for right now? Juniel: For my comeback to come soon.
  • Kwill: When is your comeback? Juniel: It’s not yet scheduled, we’ve been talking about it but nothing is decided.
  • Juniel: There are waiting list in the agency, since we have many artist now. Kwill: Who?
  • Juniel: Right now, is AOA, after that there’s rookie group. Kwill: Nflying. Juniel: Oh, right, how do you know? Kwill: I watch on tv.
  • Juniel: AOA, Nflying after that FT Island. (So she dont know exactly when will she have her come back). Kwill: Hm..
  • Dajung *mispronounce nflying*. Kwill: It’s nflying, the name from your agency have similar feeling from each other.
  • Juniel: Our ceo is like that. FNC can be derived to F-FTisland, N-Nflying, C-Cnblue.
  • Juniel: The ‘N’ is supposed to be ‘and’ aoa for the A, and i was supposed to be ‘JunieN’, but well, L is pretty too right L?
  • Kwill: Usually when a viewer request their song, people will said thank you.. or what.. juniel just said..oo…
  • Juniel: It’s because i dont expect a viewer to request my song. I’m surprised .That’s all that come out o..
  • Juniel: I also not a person who can show good reaction when i’m thankful . Even if i’m happy.. all i can say is.. “ah thank you”
  • Kwill: You need to practice on it.. try it again…. The viewer request for Juniel’s Next day. Juniel: Uwaaaaah Thank you Dajung: *laugh* what is this world cup. Kwill: *laugh* too much too much, it’s like people shouting goal. *juniel head hit the mike* Kwill and Dajung laugh loudly* Kwill: Juniel, are you doing heading? hahaha. Juniel:…it hurts T___T
  • Juniel hit the mike with her head when trying to be more enthusiastic.
  • Kwill said that he’s too, get embarrassed when he introduce his own song on radio.

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