[Radio Recap] 140630 MBC Shindong’s Shimshimtapa

Shindong shimshimtapa is a radio program hosted by Shindong from Super Junior on MBC Radio that aired everyday from 00.55-0200 AM. Juniel is a special guest of this corner(talking about old time memory) along with Juhee (8eight) and Choo Daeyeop, this was the last monday of Shindong run as DJ on Shimshimtapa after 6 years, shindong step down from the position so for the last week he invited many of the old regular guest back.

  • Shindong: Familiar faces… daeyeop been guest with juniel and juhee are you keeping contact?
  • Daeyeop: Juniel actually sang congratulatory song for my wedding. Shindong: What song did you sang? Juniel: My own song.
  • Shindong: Juniel you sang your own song, isnt that just promoting? Juniel: lol it’s not like that, daeyeop oppa call the night before
  • Juniel: I dont have time to prepare for any song so i sing my own song
  • Daeyeop : Juniel fans on SNS is asking me to talk about juniel on radio. kekeke
  • Shindong: Ah juniel, still not releasing album. Juniel: I know right T__T *laugh*
  • talking about H.O.T. Juniel: I was 4 years old, i dont remember. I’m DBSK era, i’m a big fan of them. Shindong: DBSK, not even super junior. Juniel: I like suju too lol
  • Shindong: Since juniel mostly dont know about the listed drama, what drama you like the most? Juniel: I cant think of anything
  • Juniel: The first drama i remember watching when i was a kid is autumn in my heart
  • Juniel: I suddenly remember what my favorite drama is… Coffee Prince. I watch it more than once
  • Juniel also remember enjoy watching boys before flowers and full house
  • Juniel: It feels very weird because this is the last monday SSTP. Shindong: Your first monday too, you usually preparing live
  • Daeyeop: I remember juniel crying on her last time on that corner. Juniel: but this time is different because it’s oppa’s last time.

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