[VID|TRANS] 190827 FNC family’s reaction to JUNIEL’s I Think I’m in Love

Credit: Juniel official youtube
Kor-Eng trans by 91born

AOA Jimin, Hyejeong and Seolhyun: So sweet, her voice match really well with the song, Juniel please date, Juniel fighting~

Kwak dongyeon: I really like it… i hope the song will be received well… Noona.. are you in love?

Jung Haein: When i listen to it..i feel like i’m in car and feeling swayed…My heart flutters.. filled with girl sensibility

Joo Jaeyoon: *sings along to the song* I like the song *imitating juniel’s voice*

Sunghyuk: I like it.. Like when we first fall in love, the fluttering feeling, juniel fighting~

Jimin: Falling in love for the first time makes you prettier. Hyejeong: Will we become pretty? Jimin: Please dont lie~ kekeke


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