[Radio Recap] 141005 Juniel on SBS-R Kim Changryul’s Oldschool

This is the excerpt of Kim changryul (KCR for short) oldschool radio with Guests : Juniel, JQ and Han Soa


Juniel *intro*:This is juniel, who comeback with

KCR It’s been a while juniel, i’m seeing AOA a lot but not you

Juniel: really, but i’ve been around.

KCR: But i’m happy with juniel here.

Juniel: no sincerety at all. lol

KCR: i even come to your showcase

Juniel: ah right, didnt you come for AOA? lol

  • Talking About fellow guests JQ , Han soa and Indie Scene

Juniel: I really think JQ and Han soa is really great, they work really hard (they’re indie musician, they talk about their struggle before)

KCR: You are interested in indie scene too right juniel?

Juniel: Yes, i spend 1 year as indie artist in japan.. also i come here and there busking

  • I think I’m in love live

KCR: My heart really flutters.

JQ: I saw Changryul hyung and his face said it all, he looks happy. Me too, without myself knowing, i smile

KCR: The lyrics is really good, it’s written by Han sungho CEO right *laugh maniacly* I’m sorry HSH.. but what do you think about this fluttering lyrics is written by your ceo.

Juniel: hahaha, i like the lyrics

KCR: What do you think about the song JQ?

JQ: My heart flutters,i guess if you’re a man it’s inevitable. Our eyes shoots love lol

KCR: How about you soa? you find it annoying?

Soa: hahaha no… it’s funny that our song’s lyrics also writted by our Company CEO

  • Talking about SOA that is dubbed by hongdae goddes in article 

Juniel: I think she’s pretty, i like (Soa) face, catlike face.

KCR: oh, so you like this kind of face, What type is your face?

Juniel: I heard my face is puppy like face more than catlike.

KCR: Juniel is just…cutelike face?

  • About regret

Juniel: I dont have any regret till now, and i want to continue living like that even in my 60s, 70s, just live well.  I just think if i work hard in everything i do, work, play everything. There’s nothing to be regretful about

  • Being Ambassador of Youth

Juniel: I’m honorary ambassador of youth, so i cant do bad things

  • Collaboration

KCR: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with juniel?

Juniel: I have a lot of people i want to collaborate with, I enjoy watching SMTM3 so much, i watch old season too, so i would like to collaborate with Zizo. On vocal side, still around hiphop. I really like Bumkey and Phantom’s Sanchez voice, i want to sing with them

Juniel: I also want to sing powerful song, because I’m originally a girl with rock spirit

  • <Please> Live performance

Juniel said that Please is a song she wrote herself and it’s about a clean break up.

KCR: I feel the autumn feel.. waaa… but if juniel sings like this, i feel like the guy will comeback to you

Soa: Juniel is young but she’s really good at capturing the feeling of the song


Saying bye to all the guest.

KCR: Juniel please come again next time you promote.

Juniel: of course I would love to come again

The corner ends with Juniel’s Bug off song being played.


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