[VID|TRANS] Juniel @ Pure Love Music Garde Q&A

cr: junielsg (eng trans)

1. The first song you learn to play with guitar?
Juniel: Praitif

2. The first country you went to?
Juniel: Thailand

3. Favourite dessert?
Juniel: Patbingsu (Ice shaved)

4. Favourite singer?
Juniel: Tokyo Jihen (A Japanese band)

5. What exercise do you do regularly?
Juniel: Hiking and gym

6. What food are you afraid of?
Juniel: Shells-related

7. Where will you see first when you see a guy?
Juniel: Voice

8. Your ideal type?
Juniel: Recently is Sung Shi-kyung sunbaenim,

9. Favourite cartoon character?
Juniel: Bono Bono (A Japanese anime character)

10. Which part do you care when making-up?
Juniel: I don’t really care about make up.

11. Which animal are you afraid of?
Juniel: The most feared animal… insects.

12. If you are a millionaire, what do you wish to buy?
Juniel: Building

13. One movie you recently watched?
Juniel: Still the water (Japanese movie – the one that was shown in Please MV)

14. One song that you recently love to listen on the go?
Juniel: Loved to listen to the song…. My “I think I’m in love”

15. Your pet phrase?
Juniel: Pet phrase? “Ohh…. that could be possible too”. It’s my habit to use “Ohh…” as my starting phrase.

16. Your favourite color?
Juniel: Recently I like red. (Translator note: no more yellow?!)

17. What are you afraid to play when going to theme park?
Juniel: Those that will fall freely from top to bottom

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