JUNIEL Official Fan Club Name Announcement

JUNIEL 공식 팬클럽명 발표

FNC ENT 팬클럽 담당자 입니다.

지난달부터 진행되었던
JUNIEL의공식 팬클럽명 모집 결과를 발표합니다.

팬여러분들의 의견을 토대로 진행된 이번팬클럽명 모집은
팬카페를 통한 공개투표와, JUNIEL, FNC 스탭 여러분들의 의견을 반영하여 결정되었습니다.

JUNIEL의공식 팬클럽명은 바닐라 (Banila) 이며,
하얗고 달콤한 바닐라의 의미와
주니엘의 소중한 첫기타 Bbanini + 첫사랑을 의미하는 illa illa 합성어로
주니엘의첫사랑이자 언제나 함께하는 소중한 존재이고 싶다는 뜻이 담겨 있읍니다.

앞으로 바닐라의 이미지는 곧JUNIEL의 이미지 입니다.
항상 질서정연한 모습과 매너있는 모습을 보여 주시길 바라며,
JUNIEL과 언제나 함께하는 소중한 존재가 되어 주시기 바랍니다.

바닐라 여러분들의 멋진 활동 부탁드리겠슴니다.


JUNIEL Official Fan Club Name Announcement

This is FNC ENT fan club representative.

Hereby, we announce the result of JUNIEL official fan club name selection that has been going on since last month.

Based on the feedback from fans, this fan club name selection has been conducted through public voting at fan café, JUNIEL, and FNC staffs – thus reflects opinions from many sides.

JUNIEL’s official fan club name is Banila, means white and sweet vanilla.
The name is the combination from Juniel’s beloved first guitar Bbanini + first love illa illa, which is Juniel’s first love that its presence is always wanted to be felt.

In the future, the image of Banila is the image of JUNIEL.
We hope that we can always appear tidily and behave well, and together with JUNIEL always give beloved presence to others.

Banila, please keep up your great activities.

Thank you.

Source: JUNIEL official fan cafe
Trans: rifni@junielindo

[NEWS] ‘Juniel’s Past Photos’, Certified Natural Beauty


Singer Juniel’s past photos was revealed and attracted many attention.

Entitled with ‘Juniel’s Past Photo’, Juniel’s past appearance was revealed in multiple photos.

In the photos, there is no difference between Juniel in the past and now, portraying her beauty and eye-catching poses.

In the photo, Juniel wore hoody and showed variety facial expression, revealing her fresh charm.

Towards the photos, netizens also showed warm responses. Some of them are, “Both in the past and now, she still have that charming beauty”, “Panoramic pictures with very cute expression.”

Foto lama Juniel muncul dan menarik banyak perhatian.

Berjudul ‘Foto lama Juniel’, penampilan lama Juniel muncul dalam beberapa foto.

Di foto, tidak terlihat perbedaan antara Juniel di masa lalu dan sekarang, menunjukkan kecantikannya dan pose yang menarik perhatian.

Di foto, Juniel mengenakan hoody dan memperlihatkan ekspresi wajah, menunjukkan pesonanya yang segar.

Masyarakat merespon, “Baik yang lalu dan sekarang, dia masih memiliki pesona cantik”, “Gambar panorama dengan setiap ekspresi imut.

Source: Newdaily

Translation: rifni@junielindo

Juniel, “to communicate closer” does weekly fanmeeting for one month since debut


Rookie singer Juniel celebrated her one month debut.

Juniel, who marked her debut in domestic stage by opening a showcase at 7th June, has been doing non-stop activities during the last one month. She also met with fans once a week for about an hour and to converse with fans together, mini fan meeting, and also signing.

FNC Entertainment representative said, “After music program broadcasts on weekends, Juniel meets with fans at café to spend time conversing together. The place is prepared so Juniel can talk and communicate close with fans.”

Juniel said, “Because of the fans, now I’m very happy. In order to repay their big love, I’ll show my better side through better performances. In the future, I want to go continuously to this place.”

Meanwhile, Juniel’s debut track ‘illa illa’ entered various music charts and received love from wide range of listeners.

Source: Asia Today
Trans: rifni@junielindo

[News|Trans] Rookie singer Juniel appeared as cameo in ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’

Juniel gained attention after singing her own composition ‘Everlasting Sunset’

Rookie singer Juniel, who debuted with title track ‘illa illa’, appeared in ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’.

At July 7. Juniel surprisingly appeared as a cameo in the 13th episode of weekend drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity (Scenario: Kim Eunsook, Director: Shin Woochul). In the scene, Juniel appeared playing keyboard and singing at Hongdae playground.

Juniel appeared as a cameo by singing her own composition ‘Everlasting Sunset’ which is included in her Korea debut album ‘My First June’. Although it was a very brief appearance, combined with the popularity of ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity, it has attracted a high interest. Shortly after the episode was broadcasted, it was become the top rank of real-time search in various portal sites.

Drama’s production staff said, “The shooting of street live performance at Hongdae was taken in advance in order to be able to play live and we also searched for fresh people to fill the scene. We heard that rookie singer Juniel did a lot of live street performances when she did activities in Japan, thus we requested to cast her.”

It’s not the first time, Juniel participated in ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’. Debut song ‘illa illa’ has gained attention after being the theme song of Im Meari (Yoon Jin-yi) and was able to re-enter various music chart.

Source: Hankooki
Trans: rifni@junielindo