[NEWS] [FB] 140903 Juniel comeback





From Juniel’s Facebook:

#FNC 사옥에서 포즈를 취한 #한성호 대표님과 #주니엘 씨, JTBC #보스와의동침 촬영 중 한 컷.
오늘 발표된 주니엘씨의 국내 컴백 소식은 FNC 공식 홈페이지 내 #FNC톡 에서 확인 하실 수 있습니다 http://www.fncent.com/


#Juniel with FNC president #HanSungHo during the shoot for JTBC #SleepingWithBoss at FNC building
Find more of Juniel‘s Comeback via FNC TALK : http://www.fncent.com/


More info from FNC Talk 

[From FNC Talk]
Hello, I’m Han Sungho, the CEO of FNC Ent.

Thank you for your love towards our artists.

Talented singer-songwriter Juniel, who is FNC’s solo female singer, is aiming and preparing for her Korean comeback this month. This will be the long-awaited comeback for many people as it’s been more than a year since her last comeback with “Pretty Boy,” except for project album activity. Especially, as today, September 3rd, is Juniel’s birthday, I am happier to inform her comeback.

Please show your a lot of interest and expectation for Juniel’s new album and her music activity.

Translation by  @ylwshs12 on twitter, FNC Facebook and Website.


[INFO] Juniel and CNBLUE’s Jonghyun to release a duet album「Romantic J」




CNBLUE’s Jonghyun and Juniel is planned to release a digital single album 「Romantic J」as a duet this winter. The song for the album is called Love Falls」. The details are as followed:


Composed by Lee Jonghyun & Park Eunwoo

Lyrics by JUNIEL & Han Seunghoon

3/12 – Jacket photo release (FNC Facebook)

6/12 – “Love Falls” MV teaser release

9/12 – “Love Falls” MV + digital single release

We are looking forward to this hot duo in this cold winter! Romantic J, fighting!

[NEWS] Juniel opens up about her first relationship + sings her self-created song in memory of her first breakup


Although Juniel seems as innocent as one can be, she revealed that she’s already experienced love at a young age and even the pains associated with breakups.

Meskipun Juniel terlihat polos, dia mengungkapkan bahwa dia telah mengalami percintaan di usia muda dan bahkan sakit hati karena putus cinta.

During the tvN Chuseok special ‘Eight Provinces Wandering Band‘, Juniel sang her heart out to her own song written after experiencing her first breakup titled, “Everlasting Sunset“. She introduced the song saying, “The song that I will play now is a song I wrote after experiencing my first breakup in my 3rd year of middle school.”

 Dalam tayangan tvN spesial Chuseok ‘Band berkeliling delapan provinsi‘. Juniel menyanyikan sepenuh hati lagu buatannya setelah mengalami putus cinta pertamanya berjudul “Everlasting Sunset”. Ia memperkenalkan lagunya sambil berkata “Lagu yang akan kumainkan sekarang adalah lagu yang aku tulis setelah mengalami putus cinta pertamaku saat tahun ketiga SMP.”

The song touched the hearts of the cast with its lyrics about the beauty of love, the pain of farewells, and the longing for the past love. So naturally, the cast got curious about her experience and tried to dig more into what kind of significance this mystery guy holds in her heart.

 Lagunya menyentuh hati pemain lain dengan lirik tetang indahnya cinta, sakitnya perpisahan dan kerinduan pada mantan kekasih. Jadi secara alamiah, pemain lain menjadi penasaran tentang masa lalunya dan mencoba menggali informasi lebih tentang detail pria misterius ini di hatinya.

Juniel blushed as she revealed, “He’s an oppa I knew and dated for a bit.” When asked, “Do you ever get curious about him?”, she shared with a chuckle, “No. I purposely don’t try to find out about him.”

 Juniel tersipu saat menceritakannya, ” Dia seorang kakak kelas yang ku kenal dan kukencani sebentar.” Saat ditanya, “Pernahkah kamu mencari tahu tentangnya lagi?“, Dia menjawab sambil tertawa kecil, “Tidak, aku sengaja tidak mencari tahu tentangnya.”

Check out Juniel’s performance below (starts at 3:00 mark)!