[Radio Recap]141006 Juniel on MBC-R FM4U Park kyunglim 2 o’clock date


  • Juniel perform a short live “i think i’m in love ” with guitar
  • Park kyunglim said that juniel have gotten prettier. Juniel said that park kyunglim also gotten prettier.
  • Juniel said Her parents met park kyunglim around the restroom when they record mamma mia, they said PKL is pretty
  • Juniel perform a short part of illa illa with guitar
  • PKL: What i like about those who play guitar is that they dont frantically look for their MR to their manager.
  • Juniel: But on the downside, i feel really awkward without my guitar.
  • Juniel: I’m not maknae in my company (FNC).. In my company there’s even trainee that born in 2002
  • PKL: So the trainee is only 12 years old. Juniel: Yes… I feel old there’s 9 years difference between us. I’m not maknae i’m big sis
  • <Please> is being played