[VID] [Rough Trans] 140125 Fashion Killa, FT Island Jaejin with Juniel cut.

Fashion Killa is OnStyle Variety survival where 5 stylist is given a theme everyweek and artist to work with. Stylist Jun Jino who previously work with hongki in episode 1, for this episode and previous one work with Jaejin. For this week the theme is “Wedding”, since jaejin is a guy, they recruit another artist to pose as the bride and She’s Juniel.

[Rough Trans]

Jun Jino won the previous challenge, other designer comment, it’s because of FT Island. Jun jino also won when his model was hongki. The theme is “Special Wedding Day”. Since jaejin can look too childlike he would like to have a polished tux look.

Jaejin when entering the tuxedo shop: “The feeling is weird, like i’m getting married for real”, then they choose a tuxedo to match the bride dress.

[In Shooting Set]

Jun Jino : How is it do you like it? (The outfit)

Jaejin asks whether her female costar is coming.

Jun jino: She’s here

Jaejin: Wait a minute [With big smile in his face,totally excited]

Juniel enters the shooting set.

Jaejin: [Exclaim] Ah what is this [Totally not expecting juniel and somewhat dissapointed.lol] Ya~

[Little introduction to juniel]

Jun jino: Ah pretty~

[Start Shooting]

Jun Jino is directing the shoot, juniel laughs because they had to do “Almost Kiss” pose. She said because it’s so funny. Jun Jino giving examples to jaejin, jaejin looked displeased. Juniel said “Ah, what to do, it’s top gay”[She’s Joking]. Jun jino : “What is top gay” lol. Then he ask his assistant to help, and tell him not to laugh.

Jun jino: I want your lips to be a little bit like this

Jaejin: Like kissing?

Jun Jino: But dont do it

Jaejin: Ah why (It have to be this way}

[Start posing again]

This time jaejin laugh.

Juniel: Why you smile, dont laugh

Jun jino: Dont laugh

*Juniel punching jaejin back*

Jaejin : Because it’s so awkward, we usually messing around together [Joking around each other and stuffs]

[Finally resume shooting, in the end the photo choosen is not the one where they try to almost kiss, lol all the hassle]

Jaejin : The concept suit me so well

Jun Jino: It’s so similar with what i had in mind.