2nd Project: JUNIEL Birthday ‘SINCE930903’

Hello Junielovers ^^ this is Our 2nd project for JUNIEL…kkk but This time was for her Birthday . We had prepared gift for Juniel but we didn’t know how to give it to her (cuz we are afraid if we send to her company. Tbh, we don’t trust her company XD). But…………… NICE Korean Juniel’s fans help us to give these gift for her ^^. Thank you DCJUNIELGallery :3 (@_yeogong and @ChickenEE Oppaaaa~~~)

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa what gift we actually give to Juniel?

These are our gifts!! And we made our pin badge too (it’s inspired by @ junielsg kkkkkk) ^^ Hope she recognized our Indonesian fanbase that is dedicated to her :3

We gave her MOCCA’s CD too. It’ss our country indie band and We heard that MOCCA also popular in Korea :). Since JUNIEL likes Peppertones so We think MOCCA’s songs will suit her too (I hopeeeeeeeeee~~~~). Look at the CD ^^ It’s written “Happy Birthday” too.

Last word, Thank you very much for all of the participant in this birthday project ^^.

Special thanks for Kevin Zhong for the donation that is given to run this project ^^

and @ylwshs12 for helping us to send the mocca cd to JUNIEL

and DCJUNIELGallery @_yeogong and @ChickenEE Oppa for help us to give this birthday gift to JUNIEL


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