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[NEWS | TRANS] Juniel, “I’m not interested in dance music or acting” (Interview 1)

In current music industry, where the dream of becoming ‘all-round entertainer’ and ‘idol actor’ is currently emerging, she took her first step by showing her own color and identity as a singer-songwriter. It’s the rookie, Juniel (19. Choi Junhee).

For the first time, Juniel conducted debut showcase at June 7th. In her first stage, Juniel sang her own composition Ready Go and left a quite impressive impression in the memory. In front of many people, showcasing her first stage without a sign of nervousness, she sang the song and being lost in her music. That’s the first impression of Juniel.

Through an interview that was conducted at June 22th in Yeoui-do, Seoul, Juniel came out wearing yellow one-piece and brought along her guitar. “Hello. Nice to meet you,” the 19 years old girl greeted shyly, quite different with her appearance on stage.

In 2007, since the 2nd grade of middle school, Juniel, who had a dream of becoming a singer, signed with FNC Entertainment and was being a trainee there. Juniel, who was a trainee-mate of band CNBLUE’s members, finally debuted at Korean music scene in 2012 after 5 years of becoming a trainee. Juniel maturely answered, “Naturally, I have a confidence of becoming a singer. There was a lot of anxiety but I wasn’t fretful. Rather than thinking ‘I have to debut fast’, I practiced hard and wrote a lot of songs. I thought I have to prepare for the future.”

In 2010, Juniel received a challenge from the company to go over to Japan.  Because at that time domestic music industry was centered at dance music, while Juniel wanted to do guitar or band music, she started doing music activities in Japan where there was wider indie scene in Japan. Shortly after that, Juniel participated and won the title at Japan audition program ‘Niji Iro Supernova’.

Upon the question ‘If you participated in Korea audition program, what kind of result that you would be able to gain’, Juniel stated, “If Ulala Session and Busker Busker didn’t appear at Season 3, I think I would be able to get first place. I have a clear music color and also compose a lot of songs. It’s also because I practiced a lot.”

Juniel, who has started composing since the 3rd grade of middle school, has released 4 albums during 2 years of her activities in Japan. All of the albums are solely filled in by Juniel’s compositions. Also in this debut album, except title song ‘illa illa’ and ‘Fool’ which is a duet song produced by Jung Yonghwa, all of the 3 songs are Juniel’s compositions.

Showing every aspect of a singer-songwriter, Juniel has clearly showed her own color. Still, at this young age, there is the curiosity to take a chance in splendid scene of dance-singer or acting. She shook her head upon the statement. Juniel said, “I’m totally not interested in dance music or acting. I can’t dance and I really can’t act.” She smiled and continued, “I want to grow further as a singer-songwriter. And if I can achieve that, I want to do band music.”

Her dream is being a singer and now she wants to do music to become a singer. When she said that she wants to play guitar and she likes band sound, her eyes were sparkling. Juniel’s appearance in the future is a unique singer-songwriter who overwhelms the stage.

Source: Nate
Trans: rifni@junielindo