[VID] 131127 JUNIEL – 들었다 놨다 (Daybreak cover) & Love You More Than Ever mashup @ KBS Kiss the Radio

[VID] 130802 Juniel @ KBS Kiss The Radio (Call You Mine, Moya, Falling Slowly, Lucky)

Jeff Bernat – Call You Mine

AOA – Moya

Falling Slowly

Jason Mraz – Lucky


[VID] 130621 Juniel – Moon (Korean Version) @ MBC Bestfriend Radio Busking


[rough trans] 130621 Radio Busking
JUNIEL: As I asked CEO Han, he told that songs I released in Japan were not going to be released in Korea.. But because I’ve already written the lyrics in Korean, I can’t spoil those. So, I brought one of them today. The song I sing today is titled “Moon”. It was when I performed on streets or at live houses (clubs) in Japan. After the show ended, on the way back to home alone, I saw the moon in the sky by chance. The moon was very beautiful. Although I have liked the moon a lot since I was a child, but at that time I felt like I saw it after a long period. I thought I was working too hard, and I remembered old days. Thinking of my old love, I found that I slowly came to feel nothing, although it was hot back then. I thought about a lot. And so, I took moon as love or dream to write this song.

Korean to Japanese translation: tl.gd/m3h6v4 by @stardustkr
Japanese to English translation: by @ylwshs12