[Radio Recap] 140409 KBS Super Junior Kiss the radio ‘Healing Cafe’

Video credit to @5neulen

KBS Super Junior Kiss the Radio with DJ Ryeowook. The radio program airs from 22:00-24:00 PM KST. You can stream it from KTR app in google play for android user. Juniel is a fixed guest every Wednesday on a corner called “Healing Cafe”. Healing cafe is a corner, where DJ and guest read a letter from viewer and they perform acoustic live to heal the broken heart of the viewer.

Healing Cafe with DJ Ryeowook, Ubare and Yoo Seungwoo

  • Ryeowook: The madam of healing cafe who always cheer us up like vitamin. Vitamin-sshi. Juniel : Yeah me. Seungwoo: Hahaha juniel noona know that ryeowook hyung talk about her even when the name is wrong
  • Juniel said that she feels lonely because Kim Jisoo isnt here. Usually she felt rest assured when she sees Kim jisoo.
  • *talking about Europe* Juniel said when she go to france, she didnt even get the chance to visit paris. She went straight to cannes and she really loves beaches in cannes.
  • When juniel stand up to go to keyboard, ubare staring at her. Ryeowook: Is something wrong ubare? Ubare: Juniel leg is pretty. Seungwoo then tease juniel about something. Juniel: Keep quiet! hahaha
  • Juniel perform Honest from Billy Joel
  • The guests ask juniel whether if her english is good. Juniel said she is not good, she’s not even on par with elementary school level Other guests ask then how come her pronunciation is fine. Juniel said that it must be her skill
  • Juniel said she will definitely watch ryeowook if he gives her ticket to his musical
  • Juniel said that she really wants to see bruno mars concert but cant, she really want to cry.Ryeowook: But CNBlue watch Juniel: They did and they’re very happy to watch bruno mars, ah really want to cry
  • Juniel isnt 100% satisfied of her look. Juniel said her complex is her eyes. Because her lazy eyes she looks weak. Juniel father, grandfather and younger brother have the same eyes. Juniel said that’s why she pay attention to her eyes, because when she relaxed her eyes will look weak
  • Juniel said when she had no schedule she wore no make up. FT Island members tease her becoz of her eyes, they said that she looks like grandma. Since then, she diligently applied eyecream