✿About Us✿

” We are the first Indonesia fanbase for JUNIEL, the first FNC female musician.  Hope you always support us ~ Let’s spread JunieLove!”

“Kami adalah fanbase indonesia untuk JUNIEL, musisi wanita pertama di FNC. Keep support us guys ~ Ayo sebarkan JunieLove!”

Welcome to our fansite

We bring you the latest update of our Little Princess -JUNIEL- in English and Indonesian.

Follow us on twitter and get a real-time update! JunieLindo’s twitter

Subscribe our Youtube page! We bring you some eng-sub videos JunieLindo’s youtube

Please CREDIT US IF YOU TAKE OUT our posts.

Feel free to ask us! Please kindly support Juniel and JunieLindo. ♥~

17 thoughts on “✿About Us✿

  1. Yeah! Juniel Indo Fighting! …
    excuse but I have a question.. where can I ask you for affiliation? I have a site for Juniel Peru. 🙂 Thanks for your answer in advance.

    • leave us link to your site and small banner if you have (like the one we have below~) we’ll be updating later, and just take out our banner below to be posted to your site ^_^

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