[J-Diary] 190419 JUNIEL’s fancafe update

Korean-Japan trans by @FT_Juniel
Kapan-English trans by ylwshs12
Eng-Ind trans by chunghyuns@junielindo


To. Banila

Hi, it’s been a while♡ Since I’m going to make a comeback finally after 1 year and 5 months, I’m so thankful that you didn’t forget me and have been waited during the long blank period ๑ ́・∇・`๑
Because it’s a comeback after a long time, I’ve prepared and worked for it really hard. I wish it was the attitude that fans have expected from me. huhu

How have you all been? I’ve climbed mountains a lot of times, which I used to be too busy to do, and I went for many trips with parents, and met friends a lot, too. (While talking with friends at cafe, I listened to a friend who suffered from ‘fishery control’ and wrote a song, that is ‘bug off!’ 🙂 ) Of course, I worked on songs throughout and actually there was a few schedules behind. kekekekekeke I hope our Banila have been happy and healthy, too♡

This up-coming promotion for ‘연애하나봐’ (Seems in love)♥ please support and love it a lot ^~^/
Always thank you and I love you♡


* ‘fishery control’ seems to be a Korean slung that means to control/get attention from several girls/boys around him/her, by acting as if he/she was going to be in a relationship with each of them.



Untuk, Banila

Hi, Lama tak berjumpa ♡ Krena aku akan kembali lagi akhirnya, setelah 1 tahun 5 bulan, aku sangat berterimakasih karena kalian tidak melupakanku dan telah menungguku selama istirahat panjang ini ๑ ́・∇・`๑
Karena ini adalah comeback setelah beberapa saat, aku mempersiapkan dan mengerjakannya dengan sangat keras. Kuharap ini adalah yang diinginkan kalian dariku huhu

Bagaimana kabar kalian? Aku telah mendaki gunung beberapa kali, tadinya aku terlalu sibuk untuk itu. dan aku melakukan banyak perjalanan dengan orangtua ku, bertemu banyak teman juga. Saat sedang mengobrol dengan teman di kafe, aku mendengarkan cerita tentangnya yang sedang mengalami fishery control (sikap mencari perhatian dari banyak pria/wanita disekitarnya seakan-akan ingin menjalin hubungan satu sama lain) dan aku menulis lagu tentangnya, judulnya “Bug Off!” :)) Tentunya aku bekerja dalam lagu-lagu ini dengan sungguh-sungguh dan ada jadwal juga kekeke ku harap Banila sehat dan bahagia juga ♡

Tolong dukung dan cintai promosi untuk I Think I’m in Love yang akan datang
Terimakasih dan Aku mencintaimu ♡


[JDIARY|TRANS] 130517 J.Diary Update

[English Trans]
Tittle: My Banilaㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Hello, my BANILAs?

Sorry for my indifference as I have not write any posting since my comeback. This is the busiest time ever compared to my past albums ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

But, it is the evidence that you have cheered me that much ♥ Though it is a little bit hard, I’m very happy and feel pleasant ^0^ Do you know I’m always feeling thankful to all of you?

But, really really interestingly my favorite flavor is Vanilla?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So, my lotion, lipbalm, conditioner smells vanilla. In addition, my candles are lavender-vanilla…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Plus, my fanclub name is BANILA…. I really like it >_< ♥

As I’m into half body bathing these days, I’m searching for vanilla scented bath salt.. ㅋ Isn’t it wonder wonderful? bbuing

In the meantime, ‘Cutie Juniel’ will work hard for ‘Pretty Boy’. My BANILA.. Please cheer for me a lot. I feel great as more and more people come to cheer for me. In the future, please come to see more and moreㅜㅜㅜ I try hard to memory your names these days♥

You got it?~

Please continue to support me, my adorable fans.

I love you, my BANILAs



Juniel’s Official Daum Fancafe

Trans and Capture by anicory

Edited by MYjuniel

[JDIARY|TRANS] 130403 JUNIEL’s Fancafe Diary

130403 ♥J· Diary update

[English Trans]

It’s 300th day♥

300 days of Love Juni Happy Juni♥

Banillalalala, today is what day? Hihi. You guys know right?

Today is the 300th day of Love Juni Happy Juni JUNIEL debut!

Why does the time flies so fast?? Soon it’ll be 1 year♥

I, Today! Prepared really hard in order to show a great look for all Banilas.

Right now, I can only write a post like this, but! On the 1st anniversary, we’ll be able to send together!! I’ll try!!

For always cheering for JUNIEL for 300 days! And loving me!!

And for loving the songs a lot, thank you so so much!

I’m really happy♥

Banila♥JUNIEL hihing^-^ dehet★

ps.. It’s already past 12 o’clock..ㅠㅠ Today, you’ve sent us a cake. It was really yummy! Thanks a lot.

[Indonesia Trans]

Ini  hari ke-300 ♥

300 hari Love Juni Happy Juni♥

Banillalalala, hari ini adalah hari apa? Hihi. Kalian tahu kan?

Hari ini adalah hari ke-300 dari debut Love Juni Happy Juni JUNIEL !

Mengapa waktu berlalu begitu cepat? Secepatnya akan menjadi 1 tahun ♥

Aku, Hari ini! Benar-benar mempersiapkan dengan keras untuk menunjukkan penampilan yang bagus untuk semua Banilas.

Saat ini, Aku hanya bisa menulis tulisan seperti ini, namun! Pada ulang tahun ke 1, kita akan dapat mengirim bersama-sama! Aku akan mencoba!

Untuk selalu menyemangati JUNIEL selama 300 hari! Dan mencintaiku!

Dan benar-benar mencintai lagu-lagu,  terima kasih banyak!

Aku benar-benar bahagia ♥

Banila ♥ JUNIEL hihing ^ – ^ dehet ★

ps .. Ini sudah melewati 12:00 .. ㅠ ㅠ Hari ini, Kalian telah mengirimkan kue. Itu benar-benar yummy! Terima kasih banyak.




Korea to English Trans by MYJUNIEL

Indonesia trans by syororo 


JUNIEL Official Fan Club Name Announcement

JUNIEL 공식 팬클럽명 발표

FNC ENT 팬클럽 담당자 입니다.

지난달부터 진행되었던
JUNIEL의공식 팬클럽명 모집 결과를 발표합니다.

팬여러분들의 의견을 토대로 진행된 이번팬클럽명 모집은
팬카페를 통한 공개투표와, JUNIEL, FNC 스탭 여러분들의 의견을 반영하여 결정되었습니다.

JUNIEL의공식 팬클럽명은 바닐라 (Banila) 이며,
하얗고 달콤한 바닐라의 의미와
주니엘의 소중한 첫기타 Bbanini + 첫사랑을 의미하는 illa illa 합성어로
주니엘의첫사랑이자 언제나 함께하는 소중한 존재이고 싶다는 뜻이 담겨 있읍니다.

앞으로 바닐라의 이미지는 곧JUNIEL의 이미지 입니다.
항상 질서정연한 모습과 매너있는 모습을 보여 주시길 바라며,
JUNIEL과 언제나 함께하는 소중한 존재가 되어 주시기 바랍니다.

바닐라 여러분들의 멋진 활동 부탁드리겠슴니다.


JUNIEL Official Fan Club Name Announcement

This is FNC ENT fan club representative.

Hereby, we announce the result of JUNIEL official fan club name selection that has been going on since last month.

Based on the feedback from fans, this fan club name selection has been conducted through public voting at fan café, JUNIEL, and FNC staffs – thus reflects opinions from many sides.

JUNIEL’s official fan club name is Banila, means white and sweet vanilla.
The name is the combination from Juniel’s beloved first guitar Bbanini + first love illa illa, which is Juniel’s first love that its presence is always wanted to be felt.

In the future, the image of Banila is the image of JUNIEL.
We hope that we can always appear tidily and behave well, and together with JUNIEL always give beloved presence to others.

Banila, please keep up your great activities.

Thank you.

Source: JUNIEL official fan cafe
Trans: rifni@junielindo

[TRANS] ♥J.Diary 121223 ppababamppappappabam♥

Korea-English trans by MYJuniel
English -Indo trans by junielindo


Do you know what day is today?~~
Today is JUNIEL’s ★200 day of debut★!!!!!!
It’s really really amazing. It’s already 200 days..
Also, glad to be able to be with fans on 200th day during activity period like this
I’m really really happy. hehe


The cake is very very pretty isn’t it ㅠㅠ♥
I want to bring all the letters and gifts given by the fans to make it look like a heart and take some photos but…
The space is too narrow….ㅠㅠ
And also, I was given a white cake made by a younger male fan. Really pretty!!!!!!
I’m really touched…ㅠㅠ
Another cake that came earlier is so pink pink. Very pretty..ㅠㅠㅠ
Thank youㅠㅠㅠㅠ Everyoneㅜㅜ♥
Also, once again I felt that my fans are the best..
To cheer for me in the cold weather like this…
Whenever I hear the real cheering sound. You’re the best..
I’m really touched by the letters too…!!!!
You and I have already been together for 200days! But I don’t want to be together with you for 200days again!
From now on, I hope to create lots of memories together in many days to come!
Let’s go for a thousand years, 10 thousand years, 100 years in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^0^!!!!!!!!!

PS. How’s the fancafe main photo? I’ll draw more prettier next time!!



Tahukah kalian hari apa ini?~~
Hari ini adalah  ★hari ke-200 dari debut★ JUNIEL !!!!!!
Benar-benar menakjubkan. Sudah 200 hari..
Dan juga, senang dapat bersama fans pada hari ke-200 seperti ini
Aku sangat sangat bahagia. hehe

Kuenya sangat sangat cantik kan ㅠㅠ♥
Aku ingin membawa semua surat dan hadiah yang diberikan fans dan membuatnya terlihat seperti hati dan mengambil foto tapi….
Tidak ada ruang…ㅠㅠ
Dan juga, aku diberi kue yang dibuat oleh penggemar pria. Sangat cantik!!!!!
Aku tersentuh…ㅠㅠ
Kue lain yang datang sangat pink. Sangat cantik…ㅠㅠㅠ

Terima kasih ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Semuanya ㅜㅜ♥
Dan juga, sekali lagi aku merasa fansku yang terbaik..
Untuk meyemangatiku di cuaca dingin seperti ini..
Kapanpun aku mendengar suara sorakan. Kalian yang terbaik..
Aku sangat tersentuh dengan surat-suratnya juga….!!!!
Kalian dan aku telah telah bersama selama 200 hari! Tapi aku tidak ingin bersama kalian hanya untuk 200 hari lagi!
Mulai dari sekarang, aku harap untuk menciptakan banyak kenangan bersama di hari hari yang akan datang!
Ayo untuk seribu tahun, 10ribu tahun, 100tahun kedepan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^o^!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS. Bagaimana foto fancafe? Aku akan menggambar yang lebih cantik lain waktu!!

Kuenya sangat sangat cantik kan ㅠㅠ♥
Aku ingin membawa semua surat dan hadiah yang diberikan fans dan membuatnya terlihat seperti hati dan mengambil foto tapi….
Tidak ada ruang…ㅠㅠ
Dan juga, aku diberi kue yang dibuat oleh penggemar pria. Sangat cantik!!!!!
Aku tersentuh…ㅠㅠ
Kue lain yang datang sangat pink. Sangat cantik…ㅠㅠㅠ