[VID|TRANS] 190827 FNC family’s reaction to JUNIEL’s I Think I’m in Love

Credit: Juniel official youtube
Kor-Eng trans by 91born

AOA Jimin, Hyejeong and Seolhyun: So sweet, her voice match really well with the song, Juniel please date, Juniel fighting~

Kwak dongyeon: I really like it… i hope the song will be received well… Noona.. are you in love?

Jung Haein: When i listen to it..i feel like i’m in car and feeling swayed…My heart flutters.. filled with girl sensibility

Joo Jaeyoon: *sings along to the song* I like the song *imitating juniel’s voice*

Sunghyuk: I like it.. Like when we first fall in love, the fluttering feeling, juniel fighting~

Jimin: Falling in love for the first time makes you prettier. Hyejeong: Will we become pretty? Jimin: Please dont lie~ kekeke

[NEWS] [FB] 140903 Juniel comeback





From Juniel’s Facebook:

#FNC 사옥에서 포즈를 취한 #한성호 대표님과 #주니엘 씨, JTBC #보스와의동침 촬영 중 한 컷.
오늘 발표된 주니엘씨의 국내 컴백 소식은 FNC 공식 홈페이지 내 #FNC톡 에서 확인 하실 수 있습니다 http://www.fncent.com/


#Juniel with FNC president #HanSungHo during the shoot for JTBC #SleepingWithBoss at FNC building
Find more of Juniel‘s Comeback via FNC TALK : http://www.fncent.com/


More info from FNC Talk 

[From FNC Talk]
Hello, I’m Han Sungho, the CEO of FNC Ent.

Thank you for your love towards our artists.

Talented singer-songwriter Juniel, who is FNC’s solo female singer, is aiming and preparing for her Korean comeback this month. This will be the long-awaited comeback for many people as it’s been more than a year since her last comeback with “Pretty Boy,” except for project album activity. Especially, as today, September 3rd, is Juniel’s birthday, I am happier to inform her comeback.

Please show your a lot of interest and expectation for Juniel’s new album and her music activity.

Translation by  @ylwshs12 on twitter, FNC Facebook and Website.


[PIC] Facebook Update: Juniel in Hongkong

Juniel visited Hong Kong last weekend. Her pictures taken in Hong Kong have arrived. Enjoy!

  1. Children and Juniel look so cute together!
  2. Juniel looks like a fairy of Spring —holding hands with young models.
  3. A picture at Discovery Park Mall where the New Year’s event took place. With the cute models of the mall~

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