[Rough Trans] 140607 Kim Kyungho Birthday Concert Talk with JUNIEL

Rough Trans:

From Left to Right : Sejun, Juniel, Kim Kyungho, Hong Kyungmin


Hong Kyungmin:  Juniel, please introduce yourself

Juniel: I dont think any of you will remember me but back in the day, i come to fanmeeting (of kim kyung ho), I’m Juniel.


Kyungmin:  Is there many of you knows about this interesting relation between juniel and kyungho?

Kyungho:  Not too long ago, i’m suprised to see article with pictures. It was about my first fanmeeting that Yoo Jaesuk MC’ed for. This cute girl who was holding hands with her mom..

Kyungmin: What the minute? The mom is pretty…

Kyungho: No

Sejun: It can be…

Kyungho: Her mom is my fan, but i’m talking about juniel. The picture taken of me peck the little girl juniel , and then 15 years later.. i look at the photo and watch her in the tv, it makes my heart warm and she looks lovely. Now the little girl has grown up and in the road that i took , i know that she’s already loved by fans but she’s still young, i hope she continue received many supports and even gets more love in the future.

Kyungmin: Kyungho’s smile is somehow so fatherly, so juniel . Do you remember about that time? Do you want to be a singer because of that moment ?

Juniel: Well, in some way or the other. My father keeps playing kim kyungho’s song. Even if i dont really know the song (because of her young age), but i really listen to a lot of his songs . My father dream is also to become singer, so he likes to play the guitar.

Kyungmin: So how do you feel sitting here?

Juniel: Surrounded by senior that have been around for twenty years in the industry, i’m very proud to be here.

Kyungmin: DO you have anything you want to say to kyungho oppa (Older brother) , something like happy birthday?

Juniel: oppa…

Audience: *shriek*

Kyungho: then how she should call me?

Audience: Ahjussi (Old man)

Kyungho: Samcheon (Uncle?)

Audience: Ahjussi (old man)

Juniel: I’ll call him ahjussi by the audience request.

Kyungmin: oppa is okay

Juniel: Oppa, i met you when i was 5 years old

Sejun: I think you should call him samchun oppa really not working

Juniel: Kyungho samcheon, it’s been a while since we met, and we’re here together in your birthday concert. I’m happy. In the future too, if you’re holding birthday concert again, i would be really happy if you invite me again

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