1st Scrapbook ‘Junielover’

Hello ✿

at first I wanna say thank you to all the participant who joined this poject

So glad.. JUNIEL receive our cheering scrapbook


this is the scrapbook




before *lol

and there is @TAMAGOcnbjnl who really help us alot 

she help us till make the scrapbook like this ^^..how?

Junielover scrapbook (cr:TAMAGOcnbjnl)

Junielover back cover (Cr: TAMAGOcnbjnl

and JUNIEL receive this scrapbook..kyaaaaaaaaaaaa….

by the way..there is the story behind of this scrapbook accident XD

“While Juniel was giving me her signature, I tried to pass the cheering book to a staff. But the staff eonnie told that gifts were prohibited. When I heard that… I would be very nervous >< because there were many fans all over the world behind me… I had to pass it to her by all means. So, I asked her to receive it like a hell, and told that it’s no different from fan letters. At that time, Juniel did help us!! ;A; ;A; 

“I heard fan letters are acceptable.” 

Thanks to her words, the staff eonnie changed her attitude and I managed to fulfill my role.

I was too excited and nervous to almost forget to receive the signed CD and to completely forget to offer a handshake. LOL I must have looked soooo upset, nervous and excited. XD “


I cant imagine how @TAMAGOcnbjnl ‘s face at that time Upset-nervouse-excited and handshake!!!! …Im so excited to read this….woahhh…JUNIEL help us too by her words so she receive the scrapbook..

I hope…our JUNIEL will always keep the cheering scrapbook..when she tired, sad and happy..hope she will always read the scrapbook ^^ and enjoy her day

You guys..really awesome

yyai we can make it happened ^o^

special thanks to:

all of the participant of junielover cheering message boook

@TAMAGOcnbjnl “our nice sister who make this happened”









” HUG “


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